Revell Monogram 1/426 USS Arizona

PEarl Harbor Battleship
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
This kit has been around for awhile and seems to hit the marker every few years. Though the box art may vary it is still the same "Box Scale" kit. Like other kits released by the American plastic molders this one is made to fit a standard size box, rather than a set scale. Though this kit has is of an older design it has a lot of potential.
The hull is a two piece design with molded-on handrails. The shape is pretty accurate if one takes the time to cut away the handrails. There are some good photo etch sets to replace these if you choose to remove them.
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The deck levels are pretty good and will need only the usual amount of clean-up. The deck levels are split at the port hole level and actually line up pretty well. Splinter shields are a little thick and short, so you may want to sand these off and replace where applicable with brass or thin styrene strips.
The other parts are ok as well, a little on the heavy side, but passable. The fighting tops use the same split in the port holes and windows, but test fitting shows that these will fit pretty good.
The main gun turrets are molded well and have that old Battleship look. Most of the other accessories are usable, but I would recommend a little photo etch to replace some of the details, such as catapults and cranes.
The instructions are pretty good and include several pages of exploded views that indicate where everything goes. 

This is a fair kit right out of the box. A good kit for a first time modeler or a good starting point for a major project. A good source for information on building an accurate version of this kit can be found in an article by Loren Perry that appeared in the Fall 2000 issue of Model Ship Journal.

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