Corsair Armada
1/700 Hoga AT-146

Diesel powered Tug
The Hoga was a new tug built in 1941 and assigned to Pearl Harbor. When the Japanese attacked she helped guide the USS Vestal away from the Arizona. Not a large vessel, she displaced only 325 tons measuring 100' x 25' in length and beam. These little boats worked behind the schemes to keep the harbors moving.
One of the things that drew me to 1/700 scale was the amount of ships available. There are plastic harbor craft available for the Japanese fleet and these can be made to resemble US types with a little work. But this one is a perfect match right out of the box. The parts are few with the hull and lower superstructure all molded in one piece. The upper deck with the deck house are the only other major part, with smaller accessories such as the ships boat, searchlights and fire nozzle molded on a resin tree. A length of plastic rod is supplied for the mast and boat boom. 

The instructions are pretty basic, but there is not much to explain as this is a pretty simple kit.


If you have hesitated before trying a resin ship kit, then why wait? You can't go wrong with this kit, it would make a nice one evening project and will give you a good idea of what to expect from resin ship construction. With a price of only $7.50 it is a great value. Highly recommended.