1/600 Ultimate Royal Navy set #1
Photo etch set by White Ensign models
There are a few good Royal Navy kits in 600 scale, this set is designed to make them better! The set is custom tailored to fit the Airfix kits of the Victorious, Devonshire, Tiger, Fearless, Leander, and Daring. There are enough parts in this fret to do a number of those kits. With masts, cranes, and other accessories finely etched your ship will be vastly improved with this set.

Note: image scanned in B&W to allow for higher resolution on smaller file size
The instructions are two pages, one side identifies the parts on the fret and the second side shows the radar and mast assembly views.

Included in the set:
  • Lynx helo rotors
  • Wasp helo parts
  • 293 Radar scanner
  • 277 Radar scanner
  • 20 mm  Oerlikons
  • HMS Tiger mast parts
    • Foremast parts
  • HMS Devonshire Seaslug launcher
    • Mast yards
    • 965 radar
    • Main mast ECM array
    • Mast antenna
  • HMS Daring mast parts
  • HMS Victorious crane jib
    • mast parts
  • HMS Leander mast yards
    • Mast top array
    • Mast yards
    • Bridge front frames
    • 965 radar
  • HMS Fearless mast yards
    • Aft crane jib
    • Large embarkation ladder
    • Deck crane jib

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Conclusions: This is an excellent photo etch set, the etching is extremely fine and the virtually every possible part you would need is included. If you are going to build one of those 1/600 British Warships, then you will want to get this set. 


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