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Combrig 1/700 HMS Triumph 1903 (Resin kit) NEW
Combrig 1/700 Parchim I East German Corvette 1981 (Resin kit) NEW
Loose Cannon Productions 1/700 C-1 Cargo Ship (Resin kit)
Classic Warships 1/350 USS Helena CL-50 (Resin kit) NEW
Yankee Modelworks 1/350 USS Somers DD-381 (Resin kit) NEW
Corsair Armada 1/700 USS Houston CA-30 (Resin kit) NEW
Combrig 1/700 French Heavy Cruiser Algeria (Resin kit) NEW
1/400 Operation Husky 1943 Troop ship and accessories (Paper Model)
Photo Etch Reviews
Flagship Models 1/700 Destroyer/Destroyer Escort set
Miscellaneous Accessories
Samtree's new 1/750 Palm Tree's (pre made photo etched trees)
Skywave 1/700 E-2 Japanese Navy Weapons set
Book Reviews
None at this time
Newer September 2004 Reviews Older