Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Completed in 1934 the Algerie was a response to the Italian Zara class cruiser. She was built to the standards of the Washington Naval Treaty restricting displacement to 10,000 tons. She was armed with eight 8" main guns and capable of over 30 knots. She was heavily armored and capable of meeting her German and Italian adversaries one on one.

Combrig of Russia has branched out yet again and tackled a subject outside of their usual area of expertise. Tackle it they have, they have done the famous cruiser justice both with the excellent casting and attention to detail. 

The Hull on this kit is really sharp. The deck planking is well defined as are the various deck fittings and components. 
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Take a close look at the deck details.
Superstructure parts are nicely cast with that same level of detail as is found on the hull. The splinter shields are so thin that they are almost translucent. Most are cast on a thin resin wafer that will be easy to remove.
The main guns are very sharp and capture the appearance of this French Cruisers main guns. The gun barrels are cast separately on a resin sprue.
The small parts are very fine. The light anti aircraft guns have to be seen to be appreciated. I'm a little less impressed with the medium gun mounts but they seem to have the correct shape.

The float plane is nicely shaped and well cast.

Other small parts such as anchors and searchlights are extremely fine. 

A relief etch photo etch fret is included to detail out your ship. The thin parts such as the catapults and boat cranes. Other details such as cable reels and boat cradles are also included. The only thing else you will need to finish the kit is generic railings.
The Instructions are pretty basic and don't do this kit any justice. Such a fine kit demands equally fine instructions and I would like to see more subassembly views with close-ups to help those with limited modeling references.

This is a great kit that is sure to excite the French Navy fans. It raised the bar on resin kits yet again. Pacific Front Hobbies lists this kit for $45.00 (US), making it a tremendous value. Just add photo etch railings and enjoy.