1/700 Destroyer/Destroyer Escort
Photo etch set by Flagship Models
There are quite a few destroyers and escorts on the market these days. This set has been around for a while but still is an enhancement to any waterline destroyer or destroyer escort kit. It is relief etched to give a more 3D appearance. It contains enough parts to do an average destroyer with a few parts left over for other projects. It is not as extensive as some of the newer sets on the market, but provides a good starting point for your first foray into the world of photo etch details.
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Included in the set are:
  • 2 and 3 bar straight and bow rails
  • Inclined and vertical ladders
  • Depth Charge racks 
  • K-gun racks
  • 20 mm guns and shields
  • Boat davits with rigging
  • Life raft supports
  • Crew figures
  • Mk 7 Radar screen
  • SC Radar
  • SC-2 Radar
  • Splinter shields
  • Propeller Guards
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I should point that my fret was slightly damage when I stacked it with other frets and did not use the cardboard protector that it shipped with. I have since learned to save these and even go so far as to tape the fret down to prevent damage.

This is set # FM 700-7, with a list price of $16.00, a nice addition to any Destroyer or Destroyer Escort kit. 

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