Samtree's 1/750 Photo etched Palm Tree's

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Ship modelers sometimes get a little bored with modeling ships at sea. A nice diorama can be a pleasant distraction. Especially something like a beach head landing scene with landing craft disembarking on a tree lined shore. a company specializing in providing architectural supplies makes a line of trees custom made in many scales. Some of these are perfect for ship modelers. These are close to the 1/700 Waterline scale.
Shown are three of the 1/750 Etched palm tree's 
  • #7020750 The Etched Palm Tree                                US $0.48
  • #7024750 Canary Island Date Palm                             US $0.72
  • #7022750 Washington Palm / Mexican Palm / California Palm     US $0.72
These trees come assembled and painted and as you can see are made to represent specific types of trees. They have photo etched brass leaves and in this scale metal wire trunks that can be bent to suit. They are nicely painted and each tree has it's own distinct appearance. 
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Not only are these trees inexpensive, but they are a real time saver. Consider how much time you will save over building your own the hard way. Tree's above are shown on bases with more of ground foam scattering material.

These are complete assembled tree kits that are very inexpensive. I am very impressed with the quality. They also make trees in other scales. These small ones are almost as detailed as the larger scale ones which we will review at a later date. You can purchase them direct made to order via With their online ordering system you can buy as many as you need.