Yet another review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Yet another unique ship has been released by Combrig. This one is a Russian Parchin Pr. 133.1 Covette. This one represents one used by the East German Navy. It could be used to build many other versions from the Indian Navy to 
Russian Navy herself. This kit while small in size is packed with quite a few details.
The hull is well cast and sharp in detailing. This is a pretty streamlined ship so there is not a lot of surface detail, but what little details are there are well defined.
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The small parts are very good and typical of the high standard that Combrig has achieved with it's casting. The few superstructure parts are cast on a thin resin wafer.
A photoetch fret is included with the mast and radar parts include. Ladder stock and chain are included. You will still need to supply your own rails, but many of us have plenty of that in our spare parts stash.
The instructions are more of a general guide than a complete documentation of the model. A plan and elevation view with some history (in Russian) is on the front page. A parts scan and exploded view is on the other. I would recommend doing some research before building your kit as there were several variations of this class. I have seen great strides in Combrigs casting and detailing, but the instructions are still lagging behind. I would love to see a few detail views of the kit and the subassemblies. 

Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. This kit is listed for $20.00 US. making it very competitive even when compared to a plastic ship of this size.. All that is lacking is a good photo etch set and you have a worthy opponent for your Cold War or modern fleet. I wouldn't recommend this kit for a beginner, but anyone who has tacked a resin kit or two will find this an easy build.