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1/700 Imperial Hobby Productions Sims class Destroyers (Metal kits) NEW
  • USS Sims DD-409 Early war (1940-42)
  • USS Walke DD-413 Mid war (1942-43)
1/1250 USS Helena CL-50 Navis-Neptune Metal miniature
1/700 Delphi RN Pola Italian Cruiser (resin kit)
1/700 Combrig Russian Destroyer Bditelni 1900 (Resin kit)
1/700 Combrig Russian Missile Cruiser Ochakov
Photo Etch Reviews
NEW Tom's Modelworks 1/350 Photo Etch Fitting sets:
  • #3530 Essex Class Carrier Fitting set
  • #3541 F6F Hellcat details
  • #3542 SB2C details
  • #3543 TBF details
  • #3531 Floater net baskets set
Tom's Modelworks 1/700 Scharnhorst/Gniesenau photo etch set
White Ensign 1/72 S-100 Class Photoetch set 
Book Reviews
Keystone Battlewagon USS Pennsylvania BB-38 by Myron J. Smith Jr.
Plastic Ship Modeler Magazine "The final issue"
Newer March 2003 Reviews Older