RN Pola

The Heavy Cruiser Pola was launched  December 5th 1931. The Pola was the last of the Zara class heavy cruisers and differed slightly in her appearance most notably around the fore funnel and superstructure. She was armed with eight 8" 53 cal guns in four twin turrets.

She was involved in the Cape Matapan seabattle where she was torpedoed and severely damaged by British torpedo planes. The damage was so severe that she was scuttled by her crew on March 9, 1941 to prevent her from falling into enemy hands.

Length (overall) 599.73'
Length (waterline) 579'
Beam 67.58'
Draught Standard (Maximum) 19.4' (23.6')
Displacement 14,530 tons (full load)
Propulsion 8 Thornycraft 3 drum type Boilers driving Parsons singler reduction geared steam Yarrow geared steam on Fiume Turbines
Horsepower 95,000 shp on 2 shafts
Endurance 3,200 NM @ 25 knts
5,230 NM @ 16 knts
Max Speed 32 kts

The hull on this kit is well molded and includes quite a bit of detail. While several of the inclined stairs are molded on they are not of that dreaded Aztec type construction. Surface detail is impressive and my sample had no air bubbles or defects and flash was at a minimum. Most of the superstructure is cast in place which should greatly simplify the building. Click Thumbnails
to enlarge
The superstructure parts are well done but have quite a bit of flash on them. It is a light flash and is easy to remove yet these parts are not as well molded as the hull. In spite of the flash items such as the life rafts and boats have some really nice detailing.
The main guns have their barrels molded on and many were broken in shipping. I plan on replacing them with machined brass barrels so this is not a big deal to me. The light weapons are finely molded but they too lost their delicate barrels to breakage. Even the float plane was missing a wing. I think better packaging could save a few of these parts. The parts were obviously well cast but being packed into the little bags with nothing to protect them resulted in some breakage.
Instructions are pretty well done and include several views of the ship but could really benefit form a 3D exploded view showing where everything goes.

This kit has some extremely nice detailing and does a good job of representing the Italian Cruiser Pola. With a little work and some photo etch it could be a real prize winning ship. Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. Check their website for more of the Delphi line of resin ships.