White Ensign 1/72 S-100 Schnellboot

Set #7201

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White Ensign and Peter Hall does it again, this time with a remarkable PE set for the Revell AG S-100 Schnellboot. Having already built a Schnellboot with some slight conversions, I made mention to John Snyder that I was going to do another Schnellboot while waiting for the WEM Hornet brass to arrive...4 days later, this shows up...

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This set takes a great kit and makes it even better...here's a list of what's included on these frets:

20mm Magazine Holders
20mm Magazines
Binocular Range Handles
Binnacle Cover
Binnacle Sight Ring
Compass Face
Binnacle Sight Halves
Twin 20mm Gunsights
Binnacle Sight Support
Wheelhouse Clock Face
Wheelhouse Clearview Screen
Bridge Compass Face
Wheelhouse Clock Hands
Aft Deck Hatch Handle
Bow 20mm Framework and Sight
Valve Handwheels
Aerial Insulators
37mm Gun Handwheel
Bow 20mm Shoulder Rests
37mm Shield Handles
Thank you to White Ensign Models for providing this sample for review.
A buildup of the Revell S boat with this set can be found here.
Reviewed by Jeff Herne

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