1/350 USS Essex Details
Photo etch sets by Tom's ModelWorks

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Designed for the new Trumpeter 1/350 USS Essex, Tom's Modelworks is the first company to offer photoetched parts for this new carrier model. Tom's brass set is referred to in the kit instructions, as the Tom's Modelworks Essex Class carrier in resin formed the basis of this new kit and is a direct result of the two companies working closely together on this release.

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Instructions are straightforward, with 7 pages of instructions printed back to back on 2 sheets

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The set includes the following parts:

  • Deck Rails and vertical ladders
  • F6F, SB2C, and TBF detail parts, including props and landing gear
  • 20mm gunshields
  • Funnel grates
  • LSO platform, fore and aft
  • SK and SK-2 radar
  • SC radar
  • Mk4 radar and mounts (for Mk37 Fire Control Director)
  • Arresting Cable cover plates
  • YE Radar parts
  • SM radar parts
  • Deck Side elevator bracing
  • Crash barrier supports
  • Deck side elevator safety netting
  • Deck elevator safety rails
  • Paravane Rails
  • Flight Deck Gallery Ramps
  • Loud Speaker Faces
  • Deck Side Antennas and supports
  • Radar supports and framing
  • IFF antenna supports
  • Rails for Officer's gig
  • Boarding Ladder
  • Mk 22 radar
  • 5" Shell Fusing Racks
  • Late War Tripod mast supports
  • Loading Crane hook
  • Open and Closed chocks
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In addition to the parts included in set 3530, Tom's Modelworks has also released additional aircraft frets for the add-on aircraft sold by Trumpeter. Sets include F6F Hellcat details, set #3541, SB2C details, set #3542, and TBF details, set #3543. Each fret includes parts for 10 aircraft.

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Tom has also released a new relief etched set of floater net baskets specifically designed for the Essex Class carriers, set number 3531.


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