31-12-2013 Sub Tuesday
1/72 USS Flasher SS-249 (Revell) by Steve Power
1/72 Japanese Midget Submarine (FineMolds) by Daniele Chiarello

30-12-2013 CVN  Monday
1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Bob Issa
1/700 USS T. Roosevelt (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

29-12-2013 CV Sunday
1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 (Trumpeter) by Luqmanul Hakim First Submission

28-12-2013 CL Saturday
1/700 Light Cruiser Uruguay (Combrig) by Frank Spahr

27-12-2013 DDG Friday
1/700 John Paul Jones DDG-53 (Skywave) by Donald W. Grasmick
1/350 USS Bulkeley DDG-84 (Trumpeter) by Ryan Labieniec

26-12-2013 PT Thursday
1/48 Elco 80' PT 103 (Bluejacket) by Ronald C Engel First Submission
1/35 PT109 Torpedo Boat (Italeri) by Paul Siu

25-12-2013 Merry HMS Christmas
1/350 King George V (Tamiya) by Chris Flodberg
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Yongyun Nam

24-12-2013 Auxiliary Tuesday
1/400 USS Salisbury Sound AV-13 (Revell) by John F. Quilter
1/350 USS Draco (Trumpeter) by Timm Smith

23-12-2013 DD Monday
1/200 USS Killen DD-593 (scratchbuilt) by Damian Petro
1/200 Generale Antonio Prestinari (Zio Prudenzio) by Marcello d'Andrea

22-12-2013  MAS Sunday
1/35 Italeri MAS model 2a (Italeri) by Jean Barby

21-12-2013 SMS Saturday
1/700 SMS Derfflinger (Combrig ) by George Pék

20-12-2013 First Friday
1/50 HMS Orlando 1858 (Lego) by Jens Feierabend First Submission
1/350 U-boat VIIc (Revell) by Alan Divkovic First Submission

19.12-2013 Russian Thursday
1/350 Imperial Russian battleship Sevastopol (Zvezda) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 Russian Gunboat Koreets (Box 261 & scratch) by Peter Plattner

18-12-2013 HMS Wednesday
1/600 HMS Belfast 1945 (Airfix) by Chris Hewitt
1/350 HMS Dragon (Airfix) by Peter Van Buren

17-12-2013 Civil Tuesday
1/108 Harbour Tug Lucky XI (Revell) by Christian Groth
1/125 Ocean Exploration Vessel (Revell) by Arthur Macon

16-12-2013 Modern Monday
1/700 Hydra, Tournas, & Kefallinia (DML & scratch) by Dionisios Spanos
1/700 USS Ticonderoga CG-47 (Academy/Minicraft) by Bob Nandell

15-12-2013 Sub Sunday
1/144 Das Boot U-96 (Revell) by Kostas Katseas

14-12-2013 Sub Saturday
1/350 USS Halibut (Pit-Road) by Richard Sliwka

13-12-2013 Unlucky Friday
1/350 IJN Akitsushima (Scratchbuilt) by Leo Jaudenes
1/350 IJN Yahagi (Hasegawa) by Claudio Cruciani First Submission

12-12-13 DKM Wednesday
1/700 DKM Geinsenau (Tamiya) by Manuel González
1/350 DKM Prinz Eugen (Trumpeter) by Gil Costa

11-12-2013 Modern Wednesday
1/700 Japanese AOE-425 Mashu (Fleetnet) by David J. Salvin
1/200 PLAN Destroyers (Trumpeter) by Paul Siu

10-12-2013 IJN Tuesday
1/350 IJN BB ISE (Fujimi) by Kei Kim
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya old tool) by Chris Flodberg

09-12-2013 USN Monday
1/350 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Academy) by Ryan Labieniec
1/1200 USS Hornet CV-8 (Revell) by Rich Kissinger

08-12-2013 Sub Sunday
1/700 Typhoon Class Russian SSBN (Hobby Boss) by Donald W. Grasmick

07-12-2013 Pearl Harbor Day
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 USS Arizona 1931(Hobbyboss) by Richard Kissinger
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 1941 (Trumpeter) by Clifford W. Lauzon Sr.

More new reviews for December include:

More new reviews for December include: 04-12-2013
More new reviews for December include: 03-12-2013
More new reviews for December include: 02-12-2013
More new reviews for December include: 01-12-2013
New reviews for December include:

30-11-2013 Pirate Saturday
1/80 Pirate Ghost Ship (OcCre Corsair Brigantine) by Philip LaVoie

29-11-2013 Modern Friday
1/72 USS Lincoln CVN-72 with F/A-18c (Scratchbuilt) by Damian Petro

28-11-2013 Happy Thanksgiving
1/350 Panzersciff Admiral Graf Spee (Trumpeter) by Stein Gildberg
1/350 Admiral Hipper 1941(Trumpeter)by Dirk Blatt First Submission

27-11-2013 HMS BB Wednesday
1/350 HMS Lord Nelson (Combrig) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy) by Chris Flodberg

26-11-2013 Modern Tuesday
1/700 French Frigate Suffren (Niko) by David J. Salvin
1/700 USNS T-AE Kilauea Mod (Ships & Co) by Nikos Kommatas

25-11-2013 Civil Monday
1/380 Hawaiian Pilot C-3 Freighter (Revell) by Robert Issa First Submission
1/700 Hikawa Maru (Hasegawa) by Hou Wenchang

24-11-2013 Speedboat Sunday
1/9 Mirage "Wolverine (Dumas/Scratch) by Pat Matthews

23-11-2013 DD Saturday
1/350 IJN Yukikaze (Tamiya) by Chris Flodberg

22-11-2013 Firefighter Friday
1/87 Firefighter (updated Revell) by Pat Matthews
1/87 The Firefighter (Revell) by Christian Groth

21-11-2013 Sub Thursday
1/350 ARA Santa Fe S-21 (AFV Club) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/350 USS Grayback SSG-574 (Pit-Road) by Richard Sliwka

20-11-2013 Modern US Wednesday
1/700 USS Freedom LCS-1 (Cyber Hobby) by Jack Sniper
1/350 USS Higgins, DDG-76 (Trumpeter) by Ryan Labieniec

19-11-2013 Boat Tuesday
1/35 M.T.M. "Barchino" (Italeri) by Daniele Chiarello
1/87 Chesapeake Bay Oyster Boat (Maritime Art) by Mark Manning

18-11-2013 HMS BB Monday
1/350 HMS Barham (Scratchbuilt) by Bill Richards First Submission
1/350 HMS Queen Elizabeth (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder

17-11-2013 Sub Sunday
1/350 Longobardo S501 (AFV CLub) by Maarten Schönfeld

16-11-2013 CC-1 Saturday
1/700 USS Lexington CC-1 (Trumpeter kitbash) by Vlad Cimpan

15-11-2013 Friday Subs
1/700 USS Maryland SSBN-738 (Dragon) by Donald W. Grasmick
1/144 USS Greenling SSN-614 (scratchbuilt 3D CAD) by Russell C. Dutnell

14-11-2013 Olympia Thursday
1/240 USS Olympia (Revell) by Christian Groth
1/240 USS Olympia (Revell) by Peter Van Buren

13-11-2013 Telford 2013
 Telford UK IPMS International ScaleModelworld show by Jim Baumann

12-11-2013 BB Tuesday
1/192 USS Missouri (Scratchbuilt) by Donald Branscom
1/280 USS Wisconsin (SD Model Makers) by Captain Brad

11-11-2013 CV Monday
1/720 USS Constellation (Italeri) by Bob Nandell
1/1200 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Revell) by Rich Kissinger

10-11-2013 Seehund Sunday
1/35 Seehund XXVIIB (Bronco) by Eleven Wong

09-11-2013 Rafting Saturday
1/35 Jungdongjin Raft (Scratchbuilt) by Yongyun Nam

08-11-2013 Friday Boats
1/72 RAF Rescue Launch (Airfix) by William Zammit
1/48 US Navy Swift Boat (Revell-Monogram) by Steven Brejnak

07-11-2013 BB Thursday
1/700 Battleship Richelieu (Trumpeter) by Manuel González
1/350 German Battleship Bismarck (Academy) by Randy Lenetsky

06-11-2013 IJN CV Wednesday
1/350 IJN Hiryu (Fujimi) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 IJN Chitose (PitRoad) by Greg Moczko

05-11-2013 USN Tuesday
1/240 USS Blessman DE-69 (Revell) by  Todd Renner
1/200 New Jersey BB-62 (ArkRoyal) by Paul Siu

More new reviews for November include:

More new reviews for November include: 02-11-2013
More new reviews for November include: 01-11-2013
New reviews for November include:

31-10-2013 BB Thursday
1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy) by Chris Flodberg
1/700 SMS Hindenburg (HP/Scratch) by Jim Baumann

30-10-2013 IJN Wednesday
1/350 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi (Hasegawa) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 IJN Nagato (Hasegawa) by Alain Personnic

29-10-2013 Auxiliary Tuesday
1/700 USS Merrimack AO-179 (JAG) by Jack Sniper
1/385 USS Montrose APA-212 (Revell) by Mike Cavel

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28-10-2013 Civil Monday
1/360 HMT Olympic 1915 (CC lee) by Hou Wenchang
1/350 RMS Lusitania (Gunze Sangyo) by Ralf Roggeveen

27-10-2013 Sub Sunday
1/350 K-19 Soviet Nuclear Submarine Project 658 (Zvezda) by Tidthom G First Submission

26-10-2013 Snowberry Saturday
1/72 HMCS Snowberry (Revell & GLS) by Pat Matthews

25-10-2013 BB Friday
1/700 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Rich Kissinger
1/200 Battleship Roma (Scratchbuilt) by Piergiorgio Vavassori

24-10-2013 HMS Thursday
1/350 HMS Tartar 1944 (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder
1/700 HMS Vanguard 1950 (Samek) by Vlad Cimpan

23-10-2013 Sub Wednesday
1/350 Type Vll Uboat (AFV) by Leo Charron
1/350 Air-Sea rescue (AFV & L`Arsenal) by Capt. Glavan Srdjan

22-10-2013 Modern Tuesday
1/350 JMSDF Murasame (Trumpeter) by Lim Kian Seng
1/700 USS Valley Forge CG-50 by Donald W. Grasmick

21-10-2013 USN Monday
1/350 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Academy) by Peter Van Buren
1/350 USS Hughes DD 410 (ISW) by Fred Branyan

20-10-2013 Amphib Sunday
1/35 Ford GPA (Tamiya) by Santiago Ezcurra

19-10-2013 Torpedo Boat Saturday
1/400 USS Alarm (Waldenmodels) by Katarzyna Manikowska

18-10-2013 BB Friday
1/350 HMS New Zealand (Combrig) by Colin Swager
1/700 DKM Gneisenau (Tamiya) by Robert Pleskowski

17-10-2014 Sub Thursday
1/350 HMS Astute (Hobby Boss) by Howard Stickland
1/350 USS Nautilus SSN-571 (Blue Ridge Models) by Brandon Lowe First Submission

16-10-2013 BB Wednesday
1/200 DKM battleship Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/1800 Italian Battleship Roma (tinythingamajigs) by Joe Lavender

15-10-2013 Civil Tuesday
1/144 Eddystone Rock lightship (Revell) by Christian Groth
1/72 Medieval Life Boat (Zvezda) by Mark Manning

14-10-2013 Modern Monday
1/700 Alvaro De Bazan & Mendez Nunez (Big Blue Boy) by David J. Salvin
1/700 T-AKR 295 Shughart class (Ships & Co.) by Nikos Kommatas

13-10-2013 Sub Sunday
1/35 U-Boot "Biber" (Italeri) by Daniele Chiarello

1/350 IJN Fuso Fujimi (Fujimi) by Kostas Katseas

11-10-2013 Old School Friday
1/350 Russian Cruiser Varyag (Zvezda) by Louis Carabott
1/700 HMS Glorious 1918 (AMW) by Vlad Cimpan

10-10-2013 Modern Thursday
1/350 HMS York T42 (scratch-built) by Phil Reeder
1/350 USS Fitzgerald, DDG-62 (Trumpeter) by Ryan Labieniec

09-10-2013 USN Wednesday
1/350 DDE-446 USS Radford (Tamiya) by Jonathan Sauer First Submission
1/600 USS Yorktown CV-5 (Aurora) by Bob Nandell

08-10-2013 Cold War Tuesday
1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya) by Sung Nam Im First Submission
1/700 USS Long Beach CGN-9 (Cyber-Hobby) by Donald W. Grasmick

07-10-2013 DKM Monday
1/350 Kriegsmarine Zerstörer Z31 (Dragon) by Stein Gildberg
1/40 Schnellboot S-195 (Robbe) by Martin Deuretsbacher

06-10-2013 CV Sunday
1/700 USS Essex CV-9 (Trumpeter) by Krzysztof Andrzejak

05-10-2013 Dazzle Saturday
1/700 HMT Olympic 1918 (Academy) by Hou Wenchang First Submission

04-10-2013 Japanese Friday
1/700 INJ Nagato (Aoshima) by Rich Kissinger
1/700 JMSDF Ship Collection (Various) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

More new reviews for October include:

More new reviews for October include: 01-10-2013
New reviews for October include:

30-09-2013  Monday Flowers
1/72 HMS Snowberry (Revell) by Chris Flodberg First Submission
1/700 HMS Bluebell (White Ensign Models) by Yongyun Nam

29-09-2013 IJN Sunday
1/700 IJN Ise (Fujimi) by Anthony Kochevar

28-09-2013 HMS Saturday
1/350 HMS Repulse (Trumpeter) by Tim Hanbury

27-09-2013 DKM Friday
1/72 German S-100 & Flak 38 (Revell) by William Zammit
1/700 U-Boat in dry dock (Flyhawk) by Joe Lavender

26-09-2013 Zona Thursday
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by John Cooper
1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell) by Nikos Dimitropoulos

25-09-2013 BB Wednesday
1/700 USS Texas from 1895 (Niko) by Katarzyna Manikowska

24-09-2013 Civil Tuesday
1/400 Occident, steamboat (Heller) by Marcelo Albuquerque
1/72 Canadian Coast Guard Midshore Patrol Vessel (Scratchbuilt) by Patrick Matthews

23-09-2013  Cruiser Monday
1/400 Regia Nave Fiume (Tauro Model) by Ralf Roggeveen
1/350 DKM Graf Spee (Trumpeter) by David Wick

22-09-2013 IJN Sunday
1/350 IJN Suzutsuki (MonoChrome) by Bill Kluge

21-09-2013 Sailing into Saturday
1/150 VOC Batavia (Revell ) by Sven von Bremen

20-09-2013 Sub Friday
1/350 ARA Santa Fe (AFV Club) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/350 German Submarine U-34 (Hobby Boss) by Mathias Carl

19-09-2013 Civil Thursday
1/400 Tanker Bennington (Revell) by Fred Koster
1/87 Chesapeake Bay Crab Boat (Maritime Art) by Mark Manning

18-09-2013 Amphib Wednesday
1/350 USS Bataan LHD-5 (MRC) by Mark Eisenbraun
1/35 DUKW amphibious truck (Italeri) by Jeroen Zuiderduin

17-09-2013 Sub Tuesday
1/700 Soviet Class Typhoon (DML Orange Box) by Georgios Lefkakis
1/350 SSBN-732 USS Alaska (Dragon) by Capt. Glavan Srdjan

16-09-2013 Sailing into Monday
1/90 Greek Warship 100 BC (Imai) by Rod Millard
1/51 Enterprise 1799 (Constructo) by Robert McGhee

15-09-2013 DDG Sunday
1/350 USS John Paul Jones (Trumpeter) by Pramuk Kiatjarungphan

14-09-2013 Remembrance Saturday
1/350 USS Maine (Model Shipways) by David Wick

13-09-2013 Lucky HMS Friday
1/350 HMS Tiger 1915 (Combrig) by Phil Reeder
1/350 HMS Dreadnought 1907 (Trumpeter) Eleven Wong

12-09-2013 Frigate Thursday
1/350 USS Reuben James FFG-57 (Academy) by James Guard
1/700 USS Knox FF-1052 (AFV Club) by Donald W. Grasmick

11-09-2013 Amphib Wednesday
1/72 D-Day Landing Craft (Scratchbuilt) by Guy DeLillio
1/700 USS Kearsarge LHD-3 (Hobby Boss) by David J. Salvin

10-09-2013 BB Tuesday
1/350 USS North Carolina (Trumpeter) by Lim Kian Seng
1/700 USS Maryland BB-46 (Trumpeter) by Rich Kissinger

09-09-2013 Sub Monday
1/700 HMS Tireless (Arii Models) by Pedro Comez Ramos
1/144 Type II B Submarine (Revell) by Daniele Chiarello

08-09-2013 Go Go Godzilla Sunday
1/700 Godzilla vs Hatsuyuki (Bandai & Skywave) by Paul Helfrich

07-09-2013 SMS Saturday
1/700 SMS Weissenburg & S/S Pearl (Combrig-BFM) by Frank Spahr

06-09-2013 IJN Friday
1/700 IJN Akagi 1941 (Fujimi) by Anthony Kochevar
1/350 IJN BB Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Yongyun Nam

05-09-2013 Amphib Thursday
 1/387 USS Whetstone LSD-27 by Bob Nandell
1/700 JMSDF Shimokita (Tamiya) by Donald W. Grasmick

More  new reviews for September includes:

More  new reviews for September includes: 02-09-2013 As debuted at the IPMS Nationals
Another new reviews for September includes: 01-09-2013
New reviews for September include:

31-08-2013 Dio Saturday
1/350 U-255 and Flower Corvette (Artitec & ISW) by Capt. Glavan Srdjan

30-08-2013 IJN BB Friday
1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Marcin Rogoza First Submission
1/700 IJN Battleship Nagato (Aoshima) by Yongyun Nam

29-08-2013 DKM Thursday
1/400 German Torpedo Boat V-106 (Mirage) by Steve Cronin First Submission
1/200 DKM Scharnhorst (Scratchbuilt) by Song Jung Gun

28-08-2013 DKM Wednesday
1/350 DKM Graf Spee (Trumpeter) by Leo Charron First Submission
1/350 DKM Scharnhorst (Dragon) by Daniel Villhauer

27-08-2013 BB Tuesday
1/350 USS Pennsylvania 1938 (HobbyBoss) by Richard Kissinger
1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy) by Rob Stubbs

26-08-2013 Modern Monday
1/700 USS El Paso ( Ships & Company) by Bill Smallshaw
1/700 USS Blue Ridge (Trumpeter) by Donald W. Grasmick

25-08-2013 Wingy Thingy Weekend
1/32 Harrier (Trumpeter) by Peter Van Buren

24-08-2013 IJN Saturday
1/350 IJN DD Yukikaze (Hasegawa) by Yongyun Nam First Submission

23-08-2013 Small Warship Friday
1/700 ARA Almirante Brown (Tamiya) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/48 110' WWII Subchaser (Scratchbuilt) by Steven Brejnak

22-08-2013 Italian Thursday
1/300 Caio Duilio Early and Late (WIR) by Kurt Spitler
1/350 Heavy Cruiser Pola (Hobby Boss)  by Louis Carabott

Almost live at the Thin Air Nationals Part 5 The Results

21-08-2013 Adversary Wednesday
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Tim Hanbury
1/200 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Michael Franz

20-08-2013 Sailing into Tuesday
1/257 USCG Barque Eagle (Revell) by Dave Wick
1/100 HMS Victory (Heller) by John Cooper

Almost live at the Thin Air Nationals Part 4 Ship Models BBQ

Almost live at the Thin Air Nationals Part 3 the More Models

Almost live at the Thin Air Nationals Part 2 the Models

Almost live at the Thin Air Nationals Part 1 the Vendors

15-08-2013 SMS Thursday
1/550 Brandenburg (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda

14-08-2013 IJN Wednesday
1/350 IJN Takao (Aoshima) by Greg Moczko
1/700 IJN CV Kaga (fujimi) by Jeff Lin

13-08-2013 DKM Tuesday
1/350 DKM Destoryer Z-30 (Trumpeter) by Eleven Wong First Submission

12-08-2013 BB Monday
1/200 USS New York BB-34 (Scratchbuilt) by Damian Petro
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by Tim Hanbury

1/350 U 22 Type 206A (OKB Grigorov) by Mathias Carl

1/700 Ocean & Dragon (Orange Hobby & Dragon) by Chris Hewitt

09-08-2013 BB Friday
1/200 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Jung Suk Kim First Submission

08-08-2013 AO Thursday
1/700 USS Cimarron-class fleet oiler (JAG) by Nikos Kommatas
1/700 USS Platte AO 24 (Fujimi/kitbash) by Bob Nandell

07-08-2013 Tall Mast Wednesday
1/350 USS Arizona (Scratchbuilt) by Rich Kissinger First Submission
1/700 USS Wilmington PG-8 (Combrig) by Bob Cicconi
1/700 USS Alabama BB-8 (Niko) by Bill Smallshaw

06-08-2013 British Tin can Tuesday
1/700 HMS Oppertune (Tamiya) by Ash Davison First Submission
1/350 HMS Leopard (Atlantic Models) by Phil Reeder
1/700 HMS Gloucester (Dragon) by Donald W. Grasmick

05-08-2013 BB Monday
1/350 HMS Queen Mary (ISW) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 RM Roma 1942 (Trumpeter) by Christoph Mentzel

More new reviews for August include:

More new reviews for August include: 02-08-2013
More new reviews for August include: 01-08-2013
New reviews for August include:

31-07-2013 Civil Wednesday
1/360 Marine Surveillance Ship (Scratchbuilt) by Mike Ng
1/200 Harbour Tug Smit "Frankrijk" (Revell) by Mark Manning

30-07-2013 Double Dutch Tuesday
1/400 HNLMS Karel Doorman (Heller) by Peter Westdijk First Submission
1/350 HNLMS Tonijn ( Artitec) by Bas Flipse

29-07-2013 IJN BB Monday
1/350 IJN Battleship Fuso (Fujimi) by Peter Hoskins
1/350 IJN Battleship Kongo (Fujimi) by Lim Kian Seng

USS Olympia, on display in Philadelphia by Peter Van Buren

27-07-2013 Sub Saturday
1/178 USS Mingo SS261 (Revell) by Bill Dunn

26-07-2013 USN WW2 Friday
1/700 USS Maryland BB-46 (Trumpeter) by Todd Renner First Submission
1/350 USS Monterey CVL-26 (Dragon) by Phil Reeder
1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 by Kostas Katseas

25-07-2013 USN WW2 Thursday
1/700 USS Augusta CA-31 (Niko) by Bob Dedmon
1/350 USS Lexington CV-2 (Trumpeter) by John Cooper

24-07-2013 USN Wednesday
1/700 USS Trenton LPD-14 (JAG) by Donald W. Grasmick
1/350 LCAC 83 (Revell) by Marco Fin
1/700 USS Albany CG-10 (Cyber-Hobby) by Chris Hewitt

23-07-2013 Sub Tuesday
1/350 Akula II K335 Giepard (Bronco) by David Goldfinch
1/350 HMS Astute Fast Attack Submarine (Hobby Boss) by Joe Passaseo

22-07-2013 Civil Monday
1/400 Queen Mary 2 in port (Revell) by Lloyd Ramsey
1/350 RMS Titanic (Minicraft) by Nick Dogger
1/200 Chalutier Le Volontaire (Heller) by Mark Manning

21-07-2013 SMS Sunday
1/250 Minelayer SMS Albatross (Bildrum) by Thomas Klünemann

20-07-2013 Spahr Saturday
Building the 1/700 Revell DKM Tirpitz by Frank Spahr

19-07-2013 BB Friday
1/700 IJN Battleship Musashi (Fujimi) by Kwon Dong Hoon First Submission
1/700 HMS Nelson (Tamiya ) by Kostas Katseas

18-07-2013 HM Thursday
1/350 HMCS Aurora (ISW Conversion) by Wes Beatty
1/350 HMS King George V (Tamiya) by Lim Kian Seng

17-07-2013 USN Wednesday
1/350 USS Lassen DDG-82 (Trumpeter) by Amuro Zhou
1/350 USS Nimitz (Trumpeter) by James Guard First Submission

16-07-2013 HMS Tuesday
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Jan Varga
1/700 HMS Royal Oak (Samek) by Jaap Pluimgraaff

15-07-2013 IJN Monday
1/700 IJN battleship Hiei (Fujimi) by Christoph Mentzel
1/350 IJN light cruiser Agano (Hasegawa) by Robert Apfelzweig

14-07-2013 Hydrofoil Sunday
1/700 USS Pegasus PHM-1 (Dragon) by Kriangkai Supanpong

13-07-2013 Sailing into Saturday
1/96 Privateer Rattlesnake (Model Shipways) by Paul Helfrich

12-07-2013  German Naval Review Friday
1/350 U-123 Type IX-B (Hobby Boss) by Martin Quinn
1/350 Tirpitz in Bogen Fjord (Revell) by Stein Gildberg
1/350 Admiral Graf Spee (Academy) by Nanond Nopparat

11-07-2013  Civil Thursday
1/72 DGZRS Arkona (Revell) by Alain Personnic
1/400 RMS Titanic (Airfix/Academy) by Phil Reeder
1/700 RMS Titanic (Revell) by Qiao Liang

10-07-2013 DKM Wednesday
1/35 Midget U-boat Biber (Italeri) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/250 Zerstörer Z1 Leberecht Maass (GPM) by Kurt Spitler

09-07-2013 USN Tuesday
1/350 USS San Diego CL 53 (YMK) by Fred Branyan
1/350 USS Missouri BB63 (Tamiya) by John Soh First Submission

08-07-2013 Civil Monday
1/1200 Queen Mary 2 (Revell Germany) by Georgios Lefkakis
1/700 Flanders Harmony (scratchbuild) by Roel Van de Velde

07-07-2013 Schnellboote Sunday
1/400 Schnellbootes (Heller) by Mark Gloor

06-07-2013 High Seas Saturday
1/350 HMS Norfolk (Iron Shipwrights) by David Hogue

05-07-2013 First USN Friday
1/700 USS Maryland BB46 (Trumpeter) by Brien J Miller First Submission
1/350 USS Benson DD-421 (Dragon) by Robert Apfelzweig

04-07-2013 Happy 4th of July
More new reviews for July include:

More new reviews for July include: Please welcome BNA Model World as a sponsor.

More new reviews for July include:

New reviews for July include:

30-06-2013 Boating Sunday
1/72 DGzRS "Arkona" (Revell) by Daniele Chiarello

29-06-2013 Steamer Saturday
1/400 Paddle Steamer Vigilante (Heller) by Pedro Comez Ramos

28-06-2013 EU Friday
1/700 Charles De Gaulle Carrier (HP Models) by David J. Salvin
1/700 King George V (Tamiya) by Krzysztof Andrzejak

27-06-2013 USN Thursday
1/350 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Academy) by Phil Reeder
1/350 USS Laffey DD 459 (Dragon) by Kevin Michael Sison First Submission

26-06-2013 USN Wednesday
1/540 AO Mission Santa Clara (Revell) by Bob Nandell
1/700 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya) by Donald W. Grasmick

25-06-2013 Sail Tuesday
1/90 Santa Maria (Revell) by Kostas Ornerakis
1/50 Viking Warship (Revell) by Arthur Macon

Another new review for June includes:

23-06-2013 USN Sunday
1/350 LCS-3 Fort Worth (Bronco) by Kittisak Boriboonsakulkus First Submission

22-06-2013 Cruising into the weekend
1/700 Japanese battlecruiser Akagi (Fujimi) by Qiao Liang

21-06-2013 Modern US Friday
1/350 USS Stoddart DDG-22 (L'Arsenal) by Richard Sliwka
1/350 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Trumpeter) by Paolo Yuen

20-06-2013 DKM Thursday
1/350 Z-25 destroyer (Trumpeter) by Werner De keersmaecker
 1/350 U-Boat Type VIIc (Jasmine Model) by Joe Lavender

19-06-2013 US BB's then and now
1/550 predreadnought Illinois by Gregory Shoda
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Peter Van Buren

18-06-2013 HMS Tuesday
1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy) by Louis Carabott
1/700 HMS Vanity (Arrowmodel) by Bob Cicconi

17-06-2013 HMS Monday
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Murat Özçelik
1/350 HMS Queen Elizabeth (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

16-06-2013 First Sunday
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Tim Hanbury First Submission

15-06-2013 Airship Saturday
1/249 Airship Graf Zeppelin (Hawk) by Gary Gobel

14-06-2013 Old School Friday
1/700 Russian cruiser Zhemchug (Combrig) by Jim Baumann
1/700 M.N. Danton 1911 (Combrig) by Nick Dogger

13-06-2013 Carrack Thursday
Scratchbuilding the Carrack Santo Amaro de Beja in 1/700 scale by Neal Callen Clarke

12-06-2013 Civil Wednesday
1/60 Sailing Boat Sinagot (Heller) by Mark Manning
1/48 USCGC Campbell (Scratchbuilt) by Michael Maynard
1/72 RNLI Severn Class Lifeboat (Airfix) by Angel Angelov & Silvia Angelova

11-06-2013 Modern USN Tuesday
1/700 USS Virginia CGN-38 (JAG) by Hanchang Kuo
1/350 USS Moosbrugger DD-980 (Dragon) by John Powell
1/350 USS Reuben James (Academy) by Lim Kian Seng

10-06-2013 DKM Monday
1/72 German U-Boat U-552 (Revell) by John Cooper
1/400 Admiral Scheer (Heller) by Stein Gildberg
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Claudio Matteini

09-06-2013 Civil Sunday
1/400 AIDAluna in drydock (Revell) by Lloyd Ramsey First Submission

08-06-2013 Sub Saturday
1/700 Soviet Submarine S-56 (Combrig) by Vladimir Yakubov

07-06-2013 Feature Friday
Scratchbuilding the Spanish AA Cruiser Mendez Nunez by Fran Romero

06-06-2013 D-Day Anniversary
1/700 USS Texas BB-35 (Samek) by John T. Leyland

1/1200 USS Minnesota (Shangri-La Ironworks) by Joe Lavender
1/700 HMS Barham (Pit-Road) by Kostas Katseas

05-06-2013 Modern Wednesday
1/720 USS Eisenhower CVN-69 (Testors) by Donald Pace First Submission
1/350 JMSDF Murasame DD-101 (Trumpeter) by Kim Hyung Jun

More new reviews for June include:

More new reviews for June include: 02-06-2013
More new reviews for June include: 01-06-2013
New reviews for June include:

31-05-2013 Frigate Friday
1/350 FF 07 Almirante Lynch (Trumpeter) by Anthony Alvear
1/350 HMS Iron Duke (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder

30-05-2013 Old School Thursday
1/700 Imperial Chinese Navy Chen Yuen (S-Model) by Jorge Rivas Krause
1/250 SMS Komet (MB Kartonmodell) by Kurt Spitler

29-05-2013 HMS Wednesday
1/700 HMS Sheffield (S-Mars) by Kriangkai Supanpong
1/350 HMS Invincible (ISW) by Robert Apfelzweig

28-05-2013 DKM Tuesday
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Revell) by Derek Campbell
1/350 DKM U-27 (Hobby Boss) by Santiago Ezcurra

27-05-2013 Memorial Day
1/350 HMCS Iroquois DDH-280 (Resin Shipyard) by George Warren
1/300 F212 Karlsruhe (Revell) by Mathias Carl

26-05-2013 High Seas Sunday
1/400 Tsarist yacht Livadia (Walden Models) by Katarzyna Manikowska

25-05-2013 HMS Saturday
1/400 HMS Campanula (L'Arsenal) by Kostas Katseas

24-05-2013 Modern US Friday
1/350 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (Trumpeter) by Walter Sonderman First Submission
1/350 USS Reuben James, FFG-57 (Academy) by Ryan Labieniec

23-05-2013 USN Thursday
1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 (Dragon) by Abram Joslin
 1/200 USS Saratoga CV-3 (Scratchbuilt) by Damian P. Petro

22-05-2013 HMS Old School Wednesday
1/700 HMS Devastation circa 1880 (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Cicconi
1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Zvezda) by Alain Personnic

21-05-2013 Feature Tuesday
Building the FGS F 215 Graf Spee by Frank Spahr

20-05-2013 Icy Monday
1/96 USCGC Polar Sea WAGB-11 (Scratchbuilt) by Keith Bender
1/570 RMS Titanic (Revell) by Tom Singer

19-05-2013 Greek Sunday
1/700 Hellenic Navy Frigates Elli & Limnos (Scratchbuilt) by Dionisios Spanos First Submission

18-05-2013 Operation Rheinübung Friday
1/350 Bismarck & Prinz Eugen (Revell/Trumpeter) by Thomas Schneider

17-05-2013 DD Friday
1/700 JMSDF DDG 170 Sawakaze (Pit-Road) by Jorge Rivas Krause
1/350 USS Chevalier DD451(Tamiya) by Bill Dunn

16-05-2013 Modern Thursday
1/700 ATL 08 FRA Fleet Tanker (Atlantics) by David J. Salvin
1/700 LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney (Trumpeter) by Amuro Zhou
1/350 USS Independence LCS-2 (Trumpeter) by Chen.Chih-Pang

15-05-2013 Sub Wednesday
1/72 U-Boat Type XXVIIB (ICM) by Daniele Chiarello
1/144 USS Gato (Trumpeter) by Edward Krzyzowski

14-05-2013 Old time Tuesday
1/271 Robert E Lee Steamboat (Revell) by Brian Osterhout
1/80 French vessel Protecteur (Scratchbuilt) by Marcello d'Andrea

13-05-2013 BB Monday
1/250 Schleswig Holstein (Wilhelmshavener Modellbaubogen) by Kurt Spitler
1/700 USS Maryland (Trumpeter) by Abram Joslin
1/700 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

12-05-2013 Sub Sunday
1/350 PLAN Han class SSN (Hobby Boss) by Adam Mcleish

11-05-2013 USCGC Saturday
1/350 USCGC Cook Inlet (Back-Aft Models) by Carl Musselman

10-05-2013 Frigate Friday
1/700 USS Knox Frigate (AFV Club) by Chris Hewitt
1/100 M-Fregat Netherlands (Scratchbuilt) by Louis Riem First Submission

09-05-2013 Amphib Thursday
1/350 USS New York (Gallery Models) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 USS Guadalcanal LPH-7 (Waveline) by Donald W. Grasmick

08-05-2013 HMS Wednesday
1/350 HMS Cossack (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder
1/600 HMS Rodney (Airfix) by Robert Espenschied
1/700 HMS Vanguard (Samek) by Christoph Mentzel

07-05-2013 Old School Tuesday
1/250 USS Iowa BB-4 (Golden Bear Models) by Michael Mash
1/350 Chih Yuen (Bronco) by Timothy Choi

Appano Model Contest (South Tyrol - Italy) By Luciano Rizzato

More new reviews for May include:

MODEL FEST 2013 - Sponsored by IPMS West Central Missouri Saturday May 4, 2013 by Carl Musselman

More new reviews for May include:

More new reviews for May include: 01-05-2013
New reviews for May include:

30-04-2013 Fleacon Tuesday
FLEACON 2013 Model Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa by Carl Musselman

29-04-2013 Modern Monday
1/700 John C. Stennis (Trumpeter) by Jose Luis Arrillaga
1/350 USS New York, LPD-21 (Gallery Models) by Ryan Labieniec

28-04-2013 Civil Sunday
1/400 AIDA Luna (Revell) by Vladimir Haltakov First Submission

27-04-2013 Viking Saturday
 1/48 Viking Longboat (Revell) by Stan Traas

26-04-2013 Modern Friday
1/700 LHA 3 Nassau (Revell) by Bob Nandell
1/350 New Jersery BB-62 (Tamiya) by Min Hyun Seok First Submission

25-04-2013 First Thursday
1/700 INS Vikramaditya (Scratchbuild) by Euicheol Jeong First Submission
1/400 USS Wichita AOR-1 (Scratchbuild) by John F. Quilter First Submission
1/72 Flower Class corvette (Revell) by Roy Mcleod First Submission

24-04-2013 Pocket BB Wednesday
1/700 Admiral Graf Spee (Trumpeter) by Nanond Nopparat
1/700 Admiral Scheer (Matchox) by Krzysztof Andrzejak

23-04-2013 Old School Tuesday
1/700 Georgios Averoff (YS Masterpieces) by Jon Da Silva
1/700 HMS Canopus (Combrig) by Hanchang Kuo

22-04-2013 DKM Monday
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Luigi De Maria
1/350 Zerstörer Z30 (Trumpeter) by Jorge Rivas Krause

21-04-2013 BB Sunday
1/700 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (Dragon) by Hong Seungmin

20-04-2013 CV Saturday
1/487 USS Yorktown CV-5 (Revell) by Stephen Allen

19-04-2013 First Friday
1/350 RMS Titanic (Minicraft) by Adolfo Herrero Iriarte First Submission
1/148 Admiralty Motor Fishing Vessel (Scratchbuilt) by Paul Ellison First Submission

18-04-2013 Naval Base Thursday
1/700 USSR SSBN Naval Base (Various) by Jose Luis Arrillaga
1/700 US Navy Base Diorama 4 (various ships) by Nikos Kommatas

17-04-2013 Baumann Wednesday
Building a model of the cruiser 'Novik' in 1/700 by Jim Baumann

16-04-2013 Surgicon Tuesday
SUGICON 2013 - Sponsored by IPMS West Des Moines "Plastic Surgeons" by Carl Musselman

15-04-2013 Modern US Monday
1/350 USS Fort Worth LCS-3 (Bronco) by Philip LaVoie
1/700 USS.Greeneville SSN-772 (HobbyBoss) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong
1/700 USS Sacramento AOE-1 (Trumpeter) by Matthias Pohl

14-04-2013 Sailing into Sunday
1/96 HMS Victory (Scratchbuilt) by Marcello d'Andrea

13-04-2013 Sail Saturday
1/87 Gloucester Fishing Schooner (Lindberg) by Mark Manning

12-04-2013 Old School Friday
1/400 Dutch monitor Tijger (PaperShipwright) by Katarzyna Manikowska
1/225 USS Oregon BB-3 (Glencoe) by Eric Bergerud
1/550 Petr Velikey (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda

11-04-2013 HMS Thursday
1/700 HMS Illustrious and Manchester (Dragon & Revell) by Frank Spahr
1/700 HMS Leeds Castle (Fine Waterline) by Chris Hewitt

10-04-2013 Sub/Surface Adversary Wednesday
1/350 PLAN type 039A Yuan class SSG (Hobbyboss) by Adam Mcleish
1/350 CG48 Yorktown and Russian Alfa (Dragon) by Peter Van Buren
1/350 USS Hartford SSN 768 (Riich Models) by David Goldfinch

09-04-2013 Flattop Tuesday
1/700 HMS Ark Royal IV (Fujimi) by Christoph Mentzel
1/700 Russian Carrier Minsk (Aoshima) by Donald W. Grasmick
1/700 JMSDF DDH ISE (Skywave) by David J. Salvin

08-04-2013 USN BB Monday
1/700 USS California (HP Models) by Hoga Lam
1/700 USS Tennessee BB-43 (Waveline/Pit-Road) by Mark McKinnis

07-04-2013 Russian Sunday
1/250 Oslabaya Russian BB (Digital Navy) by Michael Mash

06-04-2013 HMS Saturday
1/700 HMS Warsipte (Trumpeter) by Liu, SiHong

05-04-2013 Civil Friday
1/60 Tuna Seiner (Lindberg) by Mark Manning
1/600 RMS Queen Mary (Revell) by Laurent Sciarretti

More new reviews for April include:

More new reviews for April include: 02-04-2013
More new reviews for April include: 01-04-2013
New reviews for April include:

31-03-2013 Sub Sunday
1/144 U-1004 Type VIIC (Revell) by Martin Deuretsbacher

30-03-2013  PLA Saturday
1/700 PLA Armored Vehicles (Orange Hobby) by Chris King

29-03-2013 Feature Friday
Building the USS Duxbury Bay AVP-38 by Carl Musselman

28-03-2013 IJN Thursday
1/700 IJN Nagato (Aoshima) by Edgardo Campana First Submission
1/700 IJN Soryu (Aoshima) by Kenji Kudo

27-03-2013 IJN Wednesday
1/700 IJN Tone (Fujimi) by Robert Pleskowski First Submission
1/700 IJN Kumano (Tamiya) by Donald W. Grasmick

26-03-2013 DKM Tuesday
1/72 S-100 class (Revell Germany) by Derek Campbell
1/400 Schwerer Kreuzer Lützow (Heller) by Stein Gildberg

25-03-2013 USN Monday
1/700 USS Lexington CV-16 (Dragon) by Mark McKinnis
1/400 USS Pine Island (Revell) by Robert Espenschied

24-03-2013 First Sunday
1/600 Ship Collection (Various) by Helder Medina First Submission

23-03-2013 Apocalypse Saturday
1/350 Pibber & Huey UH-1 (L'Arsenal) by Dirk Mennigke

22-03-2013 HMS Friday
1/350 HMS Dragon (Airfix) by Howard Stickland
1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Zvezda) by Robert Apfelzweig

21-03-2013 DKM Thursday
1/144 DKM U-201 Type VIIC (Revell) by Martin Deuretsbacher
1/720 Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen (Revell) by Doganay Balaban

20-03-2013 Modern Wednesday
1/350 USS Hopper DDG-70 (Trumpeter) by Ryusuke Schaufus
1/700 JMSDF Shirane DDH-143 (Skywave) by Gus Villanueva

19-03-2013 BB Tuesday
1/700 IJN Battleship Yamato (Fujimi) by Malcolm Wong
1/700 Battleship Roma (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

18-03-2013 DD Monday
1/700 Destroyer Z-37 (Tamiya) by Krzysztof Andrzejak
1/192 USS De Haven DD-727 (Tehnoart) by Richard Sliwka

 IPMS/USA REGION 5 SHOW - Sponsored by Mad City Modelers  by Carl Musselman

16-03-2013 IJN Saturday
1/700 IJN Musashi (Tamiya) by Santiago Ezcurra

Another  new review for March includes:

14-03-2013 HMS Thursday
1/700 HMS York 1941 (Samek) by An Chu
1/250 HMS Conflict (modified Oriol) by Kurt Spitler

13-03-2013 USN Wednesday
1/350 USS Lexington, CV-2 (Trumpeter) by Ken Summa
1/350 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Trumpeter) by Chuck Bauer

12-03-2013 USN Tuesday
1/700 USS Kearsarge (Revell) by Donald W. Grasmick
1/720 USS Forrestal CV-59 (Revell) by Jose Luis Arrillaga
Another  new review for March includes:

11-03-2013 IJN Monday
1/700 Japanese submarine chaser (Tamiya) by Kriangkai Supanpong
1/700 IJN carrier Taiho (Fujimi) by Christoph Mentzel

10-03-2013 BB Sunday
1/700 USS Texas 1914 (Samek) by Kostas Katseas

09-03-2013 Sail Saturday
1/60 English galleon Golden Hind (Scratchbuilt) by Marcello d'Andrea

08-03-2013 PLAN Friday
1/700 Zhoushan & Weishanhu (Dream model and Scratchbuilt) by Chris King
1/350 Type 039G Song class SSG (Hobby Boss) by Adam Mcleish

07-03-2013 Sailing Thursday
1/100 The Pourquoi Pas (Zvezda) by John Lemire
1/96 USS Constitution (Revell) by Gary Gobel

06-03-2013 DKM Wednesday
1/250 Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen (HMV-Verlag) by Gerhard Plenagl
1/350 DKM Z-25 Zerstorer (Trumpeter) by Stan Traas First Submission

Building the Trumpeter / Pit-Road kit of HMS Renown in 1942 fit, by Frank Spahr

More new reviews for March include

More new reviews for March include 02-03-2013
More new reviews for March include: 01-03-2013
New reviews for March include:

28-02-2013 IJN Thursday
1/350 IJN Haruna (Fujimi) by Philip LaVoie
1/350 IJN heavy cruiser Tone (Tamiya) by Robert Apfelzweig

27-02-2013 Civil Wednesday
1/87 Tug Boat (Lindberg) by Mark Manning
1/400 SS Nedlloyd Baltimore (IMEX) by Bob Nandell

26-02-2013 CV Tuesday
1/700 USSR Carrier Kuznetzov (Trumpeter) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

25-02-2013 Axis Monday
1/35 Jymy J1 Class MTB (Italeri) by Richard Reynolds
1/144 U-96 Type VIIC U-Boat (Tauro) by Edward Krzyzowski

24-02-2013 DKM Sunday
1/350 Prinz Eugen (Trumpeter) by Peter Hoskins

23-02-2013 USN Saturday
1/350 USS Princeton CG59 (Mini Hobbies) by Mike Ng

22-02-2013 Merchant Friday
1/200 Roman Merchant ship (Pyro) by Rod Millard

21-02-2013 Trawling Thursday
1/48 Sir Geraint (Caldercraft) by Doug Neilson

20-02-2013 DD Wednesday
1/200 PLAN Type 051 destroyer Kai Feng (AA) by Paul Helfrich
1/350 IJN Ukuru (Pit-Road) by Leo Jaudenes

Another new review for February includes:

18-02-2013 HMS Monday
1/600 HMS Iron Duke (Airfix) by Marcelo Albuquerque
1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Zvezda) by Symeon C. Konstantinopoulos

17-02-2013 Sub Sunday
1/400 Yellow Submarine (Mirage) by Katarzyna Manikowska

16-02-2013 Dio Saturday
1/700 C-130 & C-141 Dio (Pit-Road) by Kostas Katseas

15-02-2013 BB Friday
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Academy) by Rainer Michalek
1/200 USS California BB44 (Scratchbuilt) by Damian Petro First Submission

14-02-2013 DKM Thursday
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Krzysztof Andrzejak
1/700 DKM Bismarck (Revell) by Christoph Mentzel

13-02-2013 Sub Wednesday
1/350 USS Wahoo (AFV Club) by Tony Mollica
1/144 U-1004 Type VIIC/41 (Revell/Germany) by Edward Krzyzowski

12-02-2013 HMS Tuesday
1/700 HMS Renown (Trumpeter) by Alejandro Zubiria Aonso First Submission
1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Zvezda) by Colin Swager

11-02-2013 IJN Tin Can Monday
1/700 IJN Hatsushimo (Aoshima) by Greg Moczko
1/350 IJNS Okinawa DE (Pit-Road) by Anthony Polychroniadis

10-02-2014 SMS Sunday
1/550 Schleswig-Holstein (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda

09-02-2013 RC Saturday
 1/200 Kongo, Bismack and PLAN Shenzhen (RC Models) by Paul Siu First Submission

08-02-2013 DKM Friday
1/350 DKM Tirpitz at anchor (Revell) by Jordi Minaya
1/350 DKM Prinz Eugen (Trumpeter) by Stein Gildberg

07-02-2013 Somewhat Civil Friday
1/700 USS El Paso (Ships & Co.) by David J. Salvin
1/700 SS Wendover (Loose Cannon) by Bob Cicconi

06-02-2013 Gallery Break
1/250 Protected Cruiser Novik (JCS) by Peter Wulff
1/350 USS Rentz FFG-46 (Academy) by Ryusuke Schaufus First Submission

More new reviews for February include:

More new reviews for February include: 03-02-2013
More new reviews for February include: 02-02-2013
More new reviews for February include: 01-02-2013
New reviews for February include:

31-01-2013 Flattop Thursday
1/700 LHA-5 USS Pelilau (Dragon) by Bob Nandell
1/700 HMS Illustrious (Dragon) by Donald W. Grasmick

30-01-2013 USN Wednesday
1/350 USS Gearing DD-710 (Dragon) by Peter Van Buren
1/1200 USS Constellation ( Monogram/Revell) by John Kauck's daughter

29-01-2013 Civil Tuesday
1/600 Italian liner Michelangelo (Scratchbuilt) by Patrick Camilleri
1/87 Lighthouse (Lindberg) by Mark Manning

28-01-2013 HMS Monday
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Chris Papachimonas First Submission
1/700 HMS Exeter 1942 (NIKO Model) by An Chu

27-01-2013 Sub Sunday
1/35 German midget submarine (MikroMir) by Daniele Chiarello

26-01-2013 BB Saturday
1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya) by John Powell

25-01-2013 Modern Russian Friday
1/350 Type 636 Kilo class SSN (Bronco) by Adam Mcleish
1/700 Admiral Kuznetsov (Trumpter) by Amuro Zhou

24-01-2013 First BB Thursday
1/350 DKM Graf Spee (Trumpeter) by Luis Bahamondez First Submission
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Jorge Rivas Krause First Submission

23-01-2013 Modern Wednesday
1/700 US Combat Engineer Vehicles (Custom) by Chris King
1/350 USCGC Dallas WHEC-716 (ISW/scrtachbuilt) by Keith Bender

22-01-2013 Modern Tuesday
1/700 USS Benfold DDG-65 (Revell Germany) by Matthias Pohl
1/350 Kang Ding class Frigate (Bronco) by Adam Mcleish

21-01-2013 BB Monday
1/350 HMS Hood 1941 (Trumpeter) by Randy Lenetsky
1/350 IJN battleship Fuso (Fujimi) by Robert Apfelzweig

20-01-2013 SMS Sunday
1/250 SMS Emden (HMV-Verlag) by Gerhard Plenagl

19-01-2013 Civil Saturday
1/700 RMS Titanic (Academy) by Qlao Liang

18-01-2013 HMS Friday
1/350 HMS Repulse 1941 (Trumpeter) by Veniamin Litvin

17-01-2013 USN Thursday
1/350 USS Runels DE-793 (Iron Shipwright) by Richard Sliwka
1/350 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Trumpeter) by Ken Summa

16-01-2013 Modern Wednesday
1/1250 USS Vincennes CG-49 (Hobby Boss) by Michael Kaintoch
1/700 USNS Hayes (Loose Cannon Productions) by Rick Heinbaugh

15-01-2013 Old School Tuesday
1/2400 HMS Monmouth (GHQ Wargamer) by Katarzyna Manikowska
1/100 Italian ironclad Palestro (Scratchbuilt) by Marco Quaglia  First Submission

14-01-2013 IJN Monday
1/350 IJN Chokai (Aoshima) by Alain Personnic
1/144 IJN I-400 Submarine (Scratchbuilt) by Douglas Kinloch First Submission

13-01-2013 RU Sunday
1/700 Ryurik II (Combrig) by Jon Da Silva

12-01-2013 DKM Saturday
1/400 German Light Cruiser Nürnberg (HP Models) by Stein Gildberg

11-01-2013 Civil Friday
1/350 SS John W. Brown (Trumpeter) by Kyriakos Chatzipares
1/124 USS Harriet Lane (Lindberg) by Marcelo Albuquerque

10-01-2013 Mini Thursday
1/35 German mini submarine (Mikro Mir) by Daniele Chiarello
1/35 Biber Mini submarine (Italeri) by Xavier Mouden First Submission

09-01-2013 U-Boat Wednesday
1/350 U-boat & S-boat rescue (Misc) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 DKM U-47 U-boat (AFV Club) by Andreas Sunarso

08-01-2013 First BB Tuesday
1/700 USS Iowa BB-61 (Tamiya) by Qiao Liang First Submission
1/250 Battleship Bismarck (HMV-Verlag) by Gerhard Plenagl First Submission

07-01-2013 What-if Monday
1/1200 USS Minnesota (Shangri-La Ironworks) by George Pék

More new reviews for January include:

More new reviews for January include: 04-01-2013
Another  new reviews for January includes: 03-01-2013
Another  new reviews for January includes: 02-01-2013
Another  new reviews for January includes: 01-01-2013
New reviews for January include: