FLEACON 2013 - Sponsored by IPMS Alexander Lippisch Chapter
Saturday April 27th, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
by Carl Musselman 

The judging method was Gold-Silver-Bronze and based on each model's own merits and not a competition between the models.
1/350 and Smaller
Bronze - 1/700 HMS Eagle (Tamiya)
Silver - 1/700 Typhoon SSBN (Hobby Boss)
Gold -  1/350 USCGC Cook Inlet WAVP-384 (Back-Aft Models)
Best of Category - 1/350 USCGC Cook Inlet WAVP-384 (Back-Aft Models)
1/349 and Larger
Gold - 1/144 USS Gudgeon SS-211 (Trumpeter)
Best of Category - 1/144 USS Gudgeon SS-211 (Trumpeter)
Other Naval Entries:
1/400 IJN Zuiho (JSC)
1/700 USS Iwo Jima (Scratch / Modiy)
1/350 IJN I-400 (Tamiya)
1/20 Chris Craft Constellation (Lindberg)

P1250010 P1250012 P1250013 P1250014 P1250015
P1250017 P1250018 P1250019 P1250020 P1250021
P1250022 P1250023 P1250024 P1250025 P1250026
P1250027 P1250028 P1250029 P1250030 P1250031
P1250034 P1250035 P1250036 P1250037 P1250038
P1250039 P1250040 P1250041 P1250044 P1250045
P1250047 P1250048 P1250049    

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Updated 4/27/2013

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