Almost live at the Thin Air Nationals - The Results
by Carl Musselman 

400 Aircraft Carriers 1/401 and Smaller (i.e. 1/700)
1st IJN Akagi    Anthony Kochevar
2nd USS Bogue    Jim Stute
3rd HMS Ark Royal    Jerry Jackson

401 Aircraft Carriers 1/400 and Larger (i.e. 1/350)
1st USS Hornet    David E. Adamson
2nd USS Boague    Richard Sliwka
3rd USS Lexington    Jim Fyre

402 Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Cruisers 1/401 and Smaller (i.e. 1/700)
1st IJN ISE 1945    Anthony J. Kochevar
2nd Gneisnau    unknown
3rd USS Quincy    Bob Nixon

403 Battleships, Battlecruisers, and Cruisers 1/400 and Larger (i.e. 1/350)
1st IJN Yamato    Mark Glidden
2nd USS Cleveland    Richard Sliwka
3rd USS North Carolina   Bruce Bogdan

404 Destroyers, Patrol Craft, and All Other Ships (except boats) 1/401 and Smaller (i.e. 1/700)
1st  Novgored    Charles Scardon
2nd USS Laffey    David Waples
3rd IJN Yugumo    David Koopman

405 Destroyers, Patrol Craft, and All Other Ships (except boats) 1/400 and Larger (i.e. 1/350)
1st Ironclad CSS Palmetto State  Jim Stutz
2nd LCAC     Craig Pierce
3rd USS Half Moon    Mike Cavel

406 Commercial Ships (cargo vessels, cruise ships, ocean liners) All Scales
1st SS Clan Ferguson   Gerald H. Schaffer
2nd SS Sheaf Don    Roger Schafer
3rd SS Wendover    Sam Bartlett

407 Sailing Ships All Entries
1st Medieval Lifeboat   Michael Skurda
2nd Roman Warship 50 BC   Rod Millard

412A Submarines All Years, 1/401 and Smaller (All Other)
1st Type VII-C  U-375   Jim Stutz
2nd HMS M-1    Charles Scardon
3rd Regia Marina Platino   Anthony J. Kochevar

413 Submarines Pre-1946, 1/400 to 1/144 (i.e. 1/350)
1st USS Jack    Steven Lau
2nd IJN I-400    Joseph Simon
3rd IJN I-16 w/ Midget Sub   David Miller

414A Submarines Pre-1946, 1/144 and Larger (i.e. 1/72 and 1/35)
1st Japanese Midget Submarine Type A Jim Frye
2nd Kaiteni Suiside Submarine  Allan Magnus
3rd Seehund Midget Submarine  James K Wechsler

414B Submarines Pre-1946 1/401 and Smaller (Soviet)
1st Soviet S-56    Vladimir Yakubov
2nd K-444 Delta III    Jim Stute
3rd Kursk     Kevin Degenkolbe

415 Submarines 1946 to present (1/400 and Larger)
1st USS Albacore    Mike Moore
2nd DKM Type 212    Brent Tripet
3rd USS Halibut    Richard Sliwka

418 Boats, Speedboats, Motor Torpedo Boats, Motor Patrol Boats All Scales, Types and Eras
1st Italian Gunboat M.A.S. 540  Kendall Brown
2nd LCM(3) Landing Craft   Allan Magnus
3rd LCVP APA-84-4 USS Geneva  David Waples

423 Conversions and Scratch-built. (All Scales, Types, and Eras)
1st USS Langley    David Straub
2nd USS St. Louis    Richard Sliwka
3rd Police Boat    Fred Bell

425A Out of the Box (1/145 and smaller)
1st O39G Song Clas    Ken Liotta
2nd USS Laffey 1942    John Walen
3rd Delta III SSBN    Mike Van Schoonhoven

425B  Out of the Box (1/144 and Larger)
1st 16th Century Galeass   Rod Millard
2nd U-Boat Seahund   Rick Jackson
3rd U-Boat Type VII C/41   Greg Metge

740 Ship Dioramas (all entries)
1st Rescue of PT 505   David Waples
2nd D-Day Landing    Victor Amaral
3rd Pacific Rescue    Robert Davis

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Updated 8/17/2013