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Ship Kit Reviews
Blue Ridge Models 1/350 USS Albacore AGSS-569  (Resin kit) NEW
Bronco Models 1/350 USS New York LPD-21 (Plastic kit) NEW
Flagship Models 1/192 USS Casco (Resin kit) NEW
Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Warspite 1915 NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
North Star Models 1/700 Imperial Russian Badges NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Master Model 1/700 British 6"/50 (15.2cm) BL Mark XXII (12 pcs) NEW
Master Model 1/700 British 4.7"/40 (12cm) QF Mark VIII (16pcs) NEW
L'Arsenal 1/350 SH-3 Sea King Helicopters NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
British Battleships of World War One by RA Burt NEW
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