This section is here to help modelers with techniques or information they may not have ready access to.

How to take pictures of little things by Isaias Castro

Mutants guide to photography by Jeff Herne

Modeling Realistic Water - by Jeff Herne

Do It Yourself Photoetching: How to trash your home with toxic chemicals - by Jeff Herne

US Naval Aircraft Camouflage Practices - by Jeff Herne

US Aircraft National Insignia - by Jeff Herne

Making Realistic Flags - by Kelly Quirk

Realistic Rigging with Mono-filament by Bob LaPadura

Working with Resin Ships - The Basics by Mike Taylor

Jim Baumann's Tips and Techniques - Rigging, Weathering, Decks, and Painting

Beginner's Guide to Airbrushing - Chapter One: Airbrush Basics by Jay Trefethen

Beginner's Guide to Airbrushing - Chapter Two: Selecting an Air Source by Jay Trefethen