Making Realistic Flags

By Kelly Quirk
I learned this procedure from my friend and fellow modeler, Andy Elwood, who's excellent work you have seen here in the Gallery.

To make realistic looking flags, with the look that they are waving in the wind, is actually very easy. There are two methods that I know of.  The way I used to do it is to just fold the decal over, let it dry, then apply some decal solvent to it and let that kind of crinkle it up. This method will work, but offers you very little control over the finished product

Here's the method I use now, with excellent results.  I use very thin tin foil, and insert it between the two sides of the decal.  The best foil for this method is the kind found on candy wrappers (like a Hershey's Kiss), it is very thin once flattened out.
Cut the foil so it is just a bit smaller than the decal, you don't want any of the silver showing outside the flag.
Soak the carefully trimmed decal in water, then when ready turn it over. Apply the foil to one side, then fold the other side of the decal over, carefully matching it up with the opposite side. With a small brush, wipe out excess water.
After the decal has dried, you can now shape it any way you desire.  The foil will hold it's shape, and you can put as much or as little "waves" in your flag as you want.

Give it a try, it's another one of those small details that will make your model stand out!

Decal is from the Dunagain Decals European Naval Ensigns and Jacks Decal set.