Two decal sets from
Dunagain Decals
Naval Flags and Jacks of Europe
Naval Flags and Jacks of USSR and CIS Republics
by Kelly Quirk
Naval Ensigns and Jacks of Modern Europe, the USSR and CIS Republics

A couple of very useful products from Dunagain Decals.  These sheets of flags come with all scales (1/192, 1/350, 1/700) included.  They are very well printed and in perfect register.

Europe USSR
The Europe sheet includes ensigns and jacks for 24 different countries, and 10 flags per country.

The USSR and CIS Republics sheet covers Russia and the USSR in different time frames, the Black Sea Fleet, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Lithuania, all also representing different eras.

Europe Decals USSR Decals
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Each flag must be individually cut out and carefully trimmed, as they are printed on a solid sheet of decal paper.

The instruction sheet, as I've come to expect from Dunagain, is excellent. It not only includes hints and tips on how to make them, it also has a section on how and where flags are typically flown on a ship - a very nice touch!.

These sheets are highly recommended, and will allow you to model almost any fleet you desire.

These decals are currently available from Pacific Front Hobbies, Naval Base Hobbies, Colpar Hobbies, and White Ensign Models. They are also available from Toms Modelworks on a special order basis.

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