21-12-2005 Telford IPMS UK 2005 show report and photos by Guido Hopp
19-12-2005 A Visit to the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-the-Solent, Gosport UK by Jim Baumann
23-11-2005 Telford IPMS UK 2005 show report and photos by Jim Baumann
07-10-2005 Building the KuK SMS Erzherzog Ferdiand Max in 1/700 by  Jim Baumann
04-10-2005 Scratchbuilding Noah's Ark in 1/700 scale by Tim Reynaga
21-09-2005 1/700 Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster Sea Skimmer by Jim Baumann
13-09-2005 Bill Waldorf Scratchbuilds the USS Wolverine in 1/72 scale
05-09-2005 International Festival Of The Sea 2005 by Steve Hurrell
28-08-2005 Building the 1/700 Combrig Tsarist torpedo destroyer Vnimatelni by Jim Baumann
23-08-2005 Building the Lexington-class Battle Cruiser Saratoga by Martin J Quinn
22-08-2005 Jim Baumann visits the Lisbon Maritime Museum in Portugal
18-08-2005 International Festival Of The Sea 2005 by Jim Baumann and Terry Wiltshire
30-07-2005 So you want to build a Lexington by Tracy White
29-07-2005 Building the 1/350 YS Masterpieces USS Oregon BB-3 by Jim Baumann
28-07-2005 More coverage of the 2005 IPMS Nationals by Kelly Quirk
23-07-2005 The ships of the 2005 Nationals reported by Vladimir Yakubov
09-07-2005 2005 ModelShippers Party at Jim Baumann's place
09-07-2005 International Festival Of The Sea 2005 by Jim Baumann
07-07-2005 International Festival Of The Sea 2005 by Guido Hopp
12-06-2005 Building the 1/350 Minekaze IJN Tone by Martin Quinn
20-05-2005 Retro Ship Modeling, Railing 1/700 scale U-Boats-without photoetch! by Tim Reynaga 
15-05-2004 Converting the Tamiya Missouri to the USS Iowa by Vlad Cimpan
03-05-2005 Building the White Ensign Models Queen Elizabeth by Jim Baumann
21-04-2005 Building the Thoroughbred CSS Albemarle in 1/160 scale by David LaPell
20-04-2005 Building the Ultimate Bismarck with the WEM PE set by Michael Taylor
19-04-2005 A Break in the Action USS Juneau and USS Laffey 1942 by  Devin J. Poore
31-03-2005  Building Trumpeter's 1/200 PLAN Harbin Destroyer by Frank Spahr
15-03-2005 Scratchbuilding the Udaloy DDG Adm. Levchenko in 1/200  by Joe Chan
14-03-2005 Building Kombrig's 1/700 Protected Cruiser Avrora in the Battle of Tsushima fit by Vladimir Yakubov
04-02-2005 Building the HMS Furious WW2 version by Jim Baumann
30-01-2005 Converting Tamiya's 1/700 scale battleship from a 1942 to a 1944-Leyte Gulf  by Martin J Quinn
22-01-2005 Building the 1/144 Kellogg's Cornflakes Shearwater 3 RHS 70 Hydrofoil by Jim Baumann
19-01-2005 Building the USS Enterprise in 1/96 scale by Clifton Simmons