1/200 Admiral Levchenko (Scratchbuilt)
Udaloy DDG Pre-1999 Fit

by Joe Chan
This is the first time I have scratchbuilt a model ship. The idea of building an Udaloy class destroyer has inspired after I have completed the Trumpeter Sovremenny Type 956E 1/200 plastic kit as I want to have a sister ship for my Sovremenny. I desired to have an Udaloy class DDG because of its unique design and configuration. However there is no plastic kit of this massive size available in the market and hence I finally decided to scratchbuild one. 

I did not find many structural changes in the Admiral Levchenko after the 1999 refit. Yet I think the painting scheme may have changed and I decided to adopt the old one one I think is simpler for a beginner.

The project took about 5.5 months. I started with building the hull by adopting the outline of the Halinski paper model. I used styrene sheets instead of paper and putty as building materials. After repeated sanding and putty applications, I used Mr. Surfacer as the final coat of the hull. 
Then I built the deckhouses, starting from forward side to aft. After that, I made the weapons and radars.

Finally, my Sovremenny gets a sister! As a beginner in scratch-building I am satisfied with my work. Anyway I desire to have further improvements and hence I welcome any comments and suggestions!


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