Photo etch set by White Ensign models
The new 1/200 Sovermenny kit from Trumpeter has been a big hit with the ship modeling crowd. It is a pretty nice kit right out of the box, and even has some photo etch in it. But a kit of this size just cries out for superdetailing. Along comes White Ensign Models to the rescue with one of the most extensive photo etch sets I've seen. This one is jam packed with everything from railings, and radar's, to mast parts and hatches.
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Note: image scanned in B&W to allow for higher resolution on smaller file size.
White Ensign Color scans of Fret 1 (180k) and Fret 2 (112k)
Included in the set:
Fret 1 parts Fret 2 parts
  • 4 bar main deck railings
  • 3 bar generic railings
  • 2 bar mast platform railings
  • bow railings that match the deck upsweep
  • UHF Antenna Assembly
  • "Prim Wheel" Antenna
  • Folded Accommodations Ladders
  • Mast Platform Weather Vanes
  • “Top Steer” Radar Vanes
  • “Top Steer” Rear Screen Backs
  • “Top Steer” Front Screen Backs
  • “Top Steer” Front Mountings
  • IFF Antenna
  • Fregat Radar Half Plate
  • Fregat Radar Hull Plate
  • Half Plate Back Frame
  • Full Plate Back Frame
  • Hull Plate End Frame
  • Full Plate Back Frame
  • Half Plate End Frame
  • Full Plate End Frame
  • Fregat Radar IFF Mountings
  • “Top Steer” Radar Rear Screens
  • “Top Steer” Radar Separator Frames
  • “Cage Bare” Antenna
  • Fregat Radar Mounting Foot plate
  • Foremast Front Platform Assembly
  • Shtil Missile Launcher Foot Plates
  • Mainmast mid Platform
  • Funnel Front Platform Support
  • Mainmast Top Aft Antenna
  • Foremast Side Platforms Assembly
  • Mainmast Yardarm Assembly
  • Foremast Platform Aft Antenna Assembly
  • Foremast Lower Walkway
  • Flight Deck Helo Restraint Net
  • Mainmast Top Side Antennas
  • Replacement Inclined Ladders
  • “Pop Art” Antenna
  • Foot plate Handrails
  • AK 130 Turret Footsteps
  • Radome Platform Supports
  • Narrow Vertical Ladder
  • Vertical Ladder with Supports
  • Cage Antenna Assembly
  • 3 bar Solid Railing
  • Mainmast Front Panel
  • Telescopic Hanger Tracks
  • Foremast Platform Aerial Spreader
  • DF Loop Antenna
  • Mainmast Rear Panel
  • Mainmast Starboard Side Panel
  • Mainmast Port Side Panel
  • Fregat Radar Mounting Bracket
  • Helicopter Rotor Hub Parts
  • Helicopter Control Star Parts
  • AK 130 Turret Front Railings
  • 3 Bar Solid Rail Ends
  • AK 130 Gun Barrel Coolant Pipes
  • Flight Deck Net Frame
  • Foremast Side Platform Supports
  • Flight Deck Safety Nets
  • Shore Side Gangway Assembly
  • Siren Mounting Bracket
  • Foremast Starboard Side Platform Bracket
  • “Top Steer” Radar Rear a Frame
  • “Top Steer” Radar Rear Screen Mounting
  • “Top Steer” Radar Rear Transducer Probe
  • Transducer Probe Rear Plate 
  • “Top Steer” Radar IFF Antenna Mounting
  • “Top Steer” Radar Center Bracket
  • “Top Steer” Radar Front Screen Transducer
  • Access Doors
  • Main Watertight Doors
The instructions are very extensive as well, with two pages (not shown) to identify the parts on the frets and give general photo etch tips. There are three more pages that show how the parts fit and the kit parts they replace or integrate with the kit supplied parts. The illustrations are clear and informative and these are among the best instructions I've seen on the market today.

Conclusions: This is an excellent photo etch set, the etching is extremely fine and the virtually every possible part you would need is included. Where appropriate parts such as the watertight doors are relief etched for a 3D appearance. 

If you want to take your kit to the next level this set is the way to do it.

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