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Ship Kit Reviews
Blue Ridge Models 1/700 USS Wolverine IX-64 (Resin kit) NEW
Aoshima 1/700 USS Wasp CV-7 (Plastic kit) NEW
MT Miniatures 1/700 HMS Conqueror (Metal kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Shelf Oddity 1/700 IJN Lifebuoy PE Set
Regia Marina 1/700 20mm Oerlikons
Lionroar 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Drain
Miscellaneous Accessories
SSNModellbau 1/350 TER with Mk. 82 and MER with Mk. 82 NEW
Starfighter Decals 1/700 Lexington Air Group 1941-42 NEW
Combrig 1/350 Dornier 24  Dutch Flying Boat (Resin kit) NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
Warship Pictorial 45 - Square Bridge Fletcher by Rick E. Davis NEW
Polish Ship Modeling Magazine Modelarstwo #62
LifeColor "Burned" Acrylic Weathering colors
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