Reviewed by Timothy Choi

Although the 20mm Oerlikon was a common sight on WWII Allied ships, they were also prevalent on those belonging to the Italian Navy. Regia Marina has thus produced this 1/700 PE set of 20mm Oerlikons with the conical base and notched shield to outfit your fleet - whatever their nationality.
The fret contains three identical frets with 10 guns each, providing you with a total of 30. They are etched on what appears to be stainless steel. There are four parts to each gun: base, stand/mount, gun, and shield. There is minimal folding, making it a good balance between user-friendliness and detailing.
The large A4-size instructions show the steps in large diagrams that are easy to follow, along with a list of suitable Italian ships that could use these guns.
This is item #AF041 20/70mm Oerlikon, and is listed as "New Mitragliere singola da 20/70 mm oerlikon in fotoincisione 1/700" on Regia Marina's website. Direct from Regia Marina, they are available for 8.25 EUR or $9.19 USD for non-EEC customers. Thanks to Regia Marina for the review sample.