Combrig 1/350 Dornier Do 24 Dutch  Flying Boat

Reviewed July 2016
by Timothy Dike

The Dornier Do-24 was designed to meet a Dutch Navy requirement for a replacement of the Dornier Wals being used in the  Dutch East Indies, with the Netherlands government signing a contract for six Dornier Do-24 on 3 August 1936. Two more prototypes were built for the German navy to be evaluated against the Blohm & Voss BV 138.

The Luftwaffe were interested in the completed and partially completed aircraft.  The Dutch production line continue to produce aircraft under German control.  The leaven air-frames were completed with Dutch bought Wright cyclone engines, but later models use the BMW Bramo 323 R-2.  A further 159 Do 24's were built in the Netherlands during the occupation, most under the designation Do-24 T-1.

37 Dutch and German built Do-24's had been sent to the East Indies by the time of German occupation of the Netherlands in June 1940.  Until the outbreak of the war these aircraft would have flown the tri- color roundel.  Later to avoid confusion on the British or French roundels Dutch Aircraft flew a black bordered orange triangle insignia.  The Dutch Do-24 is credited with sinking the Japanese destroyer Shinonome on December 17, 1941 while the ship was escorting an invasion fleet to Miri in British Borneo.  On 10 January 1942 eight Dutch Do-24 spotted a Japanese invasion fleet heading for Tarakan highland in Dutch Borneo, giving adequate warning so that all oil installations could be destroyed before the Japanese arrived.  After the Japanese invasion of the Netherlands East Indies, six surviving Do-24's were transferred to the RAAF in February 1942.  They serve through most of 1944 as transports in New Guinea, making the Do-24 one of the few aircraft serving operationally on both sides during World War Two.

This flying boat served in the following services:

  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • French Navy (Postwar)
  • German Luftwaffe
  • Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Royal Norwegian Air Force (Postwar)
  • Spanish Air Force
  • Sweden
This new kit from Combrig was designed in cooperation with U-boat Laboratorium and features a two 1/350 scale flying boats  one full hull one waterline.
The casting on these kits is a very well done and smartly engineered to really show off the detail.  Separate wing and fusillade castings are designed for easy assembly.  The engine Cowlings are nicely detailed and the fuselage has very nice cockpit detailing.  Separate prop hubs are included to hold the photo etch propellers.
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A Brass photo etch fret is included with the propellers and braces for the floats and rear wings.
A decal she is supplied with both German and Dutch markings for several different aircraft.  These are sharp and well registered.
Instructions include history, 3D assembly drawings, and markings for both the German and Netherlands East Indies aircraft from 1939 and 1941.

These are two really detailed float planes that will look great in your diorama or even as models by themselves. This is kit #35303 - 1/350 Dornier Do-24 Flying Boat available at the dealers below.

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