1/700 Lion Roar
IJN Aircraft Carrier Drain Set
Reviewed by Timothy Choi
July 2016
IJN carriers were famous for having a series of drainage tracks along the edges of their flightdecks. Perforated with numerous tiny holes, they're nigh impossible to replicate in plastic and resin, leaving photoetch the only solution. Lionroar's R7032 IJN Aircraft Carrier Drain set contains 10 strips of straight-edged drains and 3 strips for curved edges. Click to enlarge
The set is etched in brass using relief etching to recreate holes and allow for easier bending. The first image below shows the reverse side, while the second shows the front with straight-edge drains on the top half and curved-edge drains on the lower.
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Instructions are pretty simple showing where to bend and which type of drain goes on which shape of bulkhead. Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Essential for superdetailing IJN carriers, set R7032 is available at most hobby retailers. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website.

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