SSNModellbau 1/350 TER with Mk. 82
and MER with Mk. 82

Reviewed June 2016
by Frank Ilse

There is every reason to be happy for all shipmodel builders who like aircraft carriers. The USS Intrepid, the USS John F. Kennedy, the USS Kitty Hawk and her  announced sistership Constellation make modellers dreams come true. Now it is up to the aftermarket to provide the necessary   accessories. The community is craving for weapons, droptanks and trolleys. SSN Modellbau, an ambitious company from Germany, goes in for the weapons. They provide us with two new sets – R35035 and R35036 - that add Triple Ejector Racks (TER) and Multiple Ejector Racks (MER) to the flight deck, complete with Mk. 82 bombs, the standard iron bomb since the 1960ies up to now.
You get  15 TER and 10 MER respectively. They are 3-D-printed in a very fine red-brownish resin. The cast is really crisp and of amazing accuracy in 350 scale. The racks are attached to a plate that holds them by a couple of very thin pins. Just take a sharp knife, cutter or scalpel to cut the pins. The racks come off very easily. Scrape or sand the bombs to clean them and they are ready to be attached to your A-4, A-6, A-7, F-18 or F-4. Click images
to enlarge

There is no photoetch or instructions whatsoever, because you don’t need it. I glued the racks with CA glue to WEM photoetched pylons under the wings of a Trumpeter Corsair II, an Intruder,  a Phantom II and to the underwing pylons of a Skyhawk from L’Arsenal. They fit perfectly and give your bombers and fighter bombers the right look.

This ist set R35035 and set R35036. The TER sell for $ 13,50 and fit out five to seven airplanes.  The MER come for $ 16 and give you enough weapons for five to ten planes. This is a great addition to your airwing, from a 27 Charlie to the Nimitz-class.