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Ship Kit Reviews
Blue Ridge Models 1/700 USS Montana Class (Resin kit) NEW
  • BB-67 USS Montana
  • BB-68 USS Ohio
  • BB-69 USS Maine
1/700 FlyHawk SMS Lutzow 1916 Commerative Edition w/Bonus G-37 Großes Torpedoboot (Plastic kit) NEW
PitRoad 1/700 Shimakaze 1944 late war version (Plastic kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Miscellaneous Accessories
North Star Models 1/350 IJN searchlight upgrade sets NEW
  • IJN 30cm searchlights (NSA 350058) 
  • IJN 60cm searchlights (NSA 350052) 
  • IJN 110cm searchlights (NSA 350034) 
  • IJN 150cm searchlights (NSA 350035)
 Starfighter Decals1/350  Air Group 84 USS Bunker Hill Early 1945 NEW
1/350 Austro-Hungarian flags and pennants NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
Warship Pictorial #42 - Round Bridge Fletcher by Rick E. Davis NEW
Navires & Histoire 22 Clemenceau-class aircraft carriers NEW
Modelarstwo Okretowe issue number 55 NEW
Kagero Publishing Super Drawings in 3D Japanese Heavy Cruiser TAKAO NEW
Wilder Line of Finishing tools and Modeling Takk NEW
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