Decal Review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
February 2015
As interest in WWI subjects continues to grow, the need for good aftermarket accessories becomes more apparent. Thanks to the efforts of some very dedicated modelers who decided to produce their own decals, we all now have some really nice decals available for purchase. They only needed a few sets for themselves, but the minimum buy was 100 sheets, so the rest are being offered to modelers at very low cost. 
What you get is a sheet of Austro-Hungarian Navy flags and pennants. Multiple sizes and styles are provided. They are sharply registered and very well done.  There are enough to do an entire fleet of ships. There are four each of the pennants in three different sizes. Sixteen each of the standard flags also in three different sizes and twelve to sixteen of the gold trimmed versions.  Click images
to enlarge
Igor aka HarryER on the forum did point out one mistake on the pennants that modelers need to be aware of; they have the crest on the left side upside down. To fix this, I would suggest cutting one from another pennant and laying it over the top of the incorrect one. 
Another professionally done decal set for Austro-Hungarian navy fans in 350th scale. Even with the mistake they are a bargain for modelers. This is decal set #Austro-Hungarian flags and pennants. 1/350 scale.  for $4.50 can be purchased here. A great price for such high quality decals.