Reviewed February 2015
by Timothy Dike a company based in the UK caters to hobby painters is now carrying the Wilder line of paints and tools. They have a lot of tools to help make modeling easier. Here are a few modeling aids that can help you build a better model. 
 Multi-grade sanding sticks and blocks make the sanding process a much more convenient experience. These blocks have different grit finishes on each side so you can start coarse and finish fine without missing a beat. They are laminated to these blocks for big items like ship hulls with exaggerated details that need to be reduced.
Sanding sticks are useful for those smaller details and are also provided with different finishes on each side. Start coarse and finish up with the fine side sides all in one helpful tool. 
Long used by builders of sailing ships is modeling takk. These blocks are tacky to help hold rigging taught while you work on it. Simply loop the lines around the takk and they hold like a third hand. They can also be used to help hold other parts in place while you glue them. Takk is like a soft rubber that has sticky-like properties without the messy residue.
Check these and other tools out on's website. The carry the entire Wilder line along with hundreds of ways to apply them.