Reviewed February 2015
by Timothy Dike
If your building a 1/350 USS Bunker Hill in early 45, Mark Tutton has the perfect set to decorate your airwing properly. These are professionally printed by Cartograph of Italy. This means that in addition to featuring the same sharp clear graphics, they are also printed on thin carrier film trimmed around each marking. There will be a minimum of cutting and trimming needed to use these decals. This set includes markings for: 
  • VF-84 flying F4U-1D, F6F-5N, and F6F-5P 
  • VMF-221 flying F4U-1D 
  • VFM-451 flying F4U-1D 
  • VB-84 flying SB2C-4E 
  • VT-84 flying TBM-3
The main sheet includes the large and small numbers in black and white. Corsair fuel tank tape markings and Air Group Commander markings are also on the sheet. Click images
to enlarge
Four sheets are included with the tail and wing arrow markings. 
Four sheets of generic stars and bars are included. Two styles are provided.
The instructions is a single page showing the placement and painting of  Hellcats, Avengers, and Corsairs. 
There are enough markings in this set to do 90 aircraft. It's the perfect set for the modeler who wants to get it right. This set #350-22S  Air Group 84 USS Bunker Hill Early 1945 for $20.00

You can get this decal set from Starfighter Decals. Check the webpage for more details.