1/700 FlyHawk
SMS Lutzow 1916
Commerative Edition
w/Bonus G-37 Großes Torpedoboot

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
February 2015
The SMS Lützow was a member of the Derfflinger class of German Battlecruisers which included Hindenburg. They featured improved armament (4 twin 12" turrets) over the proceeding  Moltke class and Seydlitz. 

Lützow was commissioned on August 8, 1915. Engine damage during trials delayed her active service until early in 1916. Lützow took part in the Bombardment of Yarmouth and Lowestoft on April 2425, 1916. She was best known for her role in the Battle of Jutland, on May 31 thru June 1st, sinking the British battlecruiser HMS Invincible and according to some accounts the armored cruiser HMS Defence. Lützow was heavily damaged in the engagement taking around two dozen large caliber shell hits that left her dead in the water. With no hope of recovery, the ship was finished off by torpedoes fired by the escorting torpedo boat G38. A number of other Großes Torpedoboot's were present and assisted.

FlyHawk Models has been producing photo etch accessories for ship modelers for a long time. This is an upgrade of the Lützow kit. The parts are the same so if you read that review, you may want to skip down to the Bonus G-37 section

 The kit is a waterline version and the hull is molded as two halves. The hull sides have anchor holes molded open and plenty of portholes. Also on the sprue are the rolled up torpedo netting.  Click images
to enlarge
SPRUE B (x 2)
The main gun turrets are on this pair of sprues. Slides in the mold are used to give the 12" gun barrels hollowed out tips. Medium gun shields are molded with open slots for a much nicer final assembly. Ships boats and other items feature nice crisp molding and a fair amount of detail.
The many torpedo net booms are provided on this sprue. They are nice and thin.
This part is new for Lutzow and it mounts at the base of the first main turret. 
This sprue is similar to the Derfflinger with some subtle changes on the end. It includes some of the superstructure and upper decks . Decks have nice fine planking molded onto the surface. Fully formed funnels are provided thanks to slide molding. 
The base of the 02 level is molded as a single part with sockets for the secondary turrets to swivel in. Much of this is covered over with the deck shown in Sprue E above so there is little detail to make note of. The end piece on this sprue does feature nice molded on louver detailing. This part is nearly identical to the Derfflinger, but without the extra part on the end.
The is the end piece for the upper deck and it feature nice deck planking, and nice skylights and thin boat cradles. slide molding allows for molded on portholes and ladder detail on the sides. 
A couple of extra parts are supplied extra perhaps clipped off a sprue for a future release! These parts have some nice louver details on the sides.
The waterline base helps hold the hull shape and includes provisions for the weight typical of waterline ships.
The deck is nicely molded with nice deck planking and clean anchorways. Mounting sockets for the capstans are provided. Bits and chocks are molded on. 
Photoetched railings with drooping chain are included in various lengths. Mast supports and yardarms, anchor chain, and ladder stock are among the other details. 
The metal weight is included.
Decals with the recognition circles, flags with some small crests are provided. These are sharp and nicely registered. 
Instructions are two extra long pages printed in color. These include sub-assembly views and color guides for painting. 

The G-37 was a member of the Großes Torpedoboot 1913 class consisting of  71 ships. They were built by three shipyards and numbered accordingly with the first letter indicating shipyard. V25 to V30, V43 to V48, V67 to V84, were built by Vulkan Stettin. G37 to G42, G85 to G95, by Germaniawerft Kiel, and S31 to S36, S49 to S66, by Schichau Elbing. There were some variation in armament among the class, but this kit should be perfect as a base for any of them.
The hull is molded in three parts; the hull sides, a deck and a flat waterline bottom. The hull is exceptionally detailed for such a small kit. Port holes are molded open with rain gutters (eye brows) on top. The deck features realistic camber and nicely done hatches. Click images
to enlarge
The one and only other sprue in the kit features slide molded one piece funnels with separate caps. Nicely molded masts, detailed torpedo tubes and really nicely done main gun armament. Ships boats, davits, and superstructure parts are all nicely done. 
A single brass fret supplies the railings, ladders, and prop guards. Jack staff, mast platform and braces make up the other parts. 
Two types of flags are included. They are nicely registered and accurate. 
Two pages, front and back of this color sheet cover all aspects of the assembly. A painting guide will help you get the colors right. 
These build-up examples show the kits plastic  parts assembled.

You already know I am very impressed with the basic Lützow kit by itself. The addition of this nicely engineered Torpedo boat really knocks this one out of the ballpark. I sure hope this bonus kit is made available separately in the future. It is a great addition to the Lützow. 

I will update this review once pricing is available. You should be able to get yours from the usual suspects like  Freetime Hobbies and Hobby Easy. Thanks to FlyHawk Models for the review sample.