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HP Models 1/700 USS Colorado BB-45 1944 (Resin kit) NEW
ARGOS 1/1250 USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Operation Enduring Freedom (metal miniature) NEW
Imperial Hobby Productions 1/700 USS Lexington CC-1 Proposed Battlecruiser (Resin kit) NEW
Combrig 1/700 HMAS Australia Heavy Cruiser (resin kit) NEW

Combrig 1/700 HMAS Canberra Heavy Cruiser (resin kit) NEW

Aoshima 1/700 IJN Kashima WW2 cruiser (Plastic kit)
Superior USS North Carolina BB-55 (metal miniature)

Superior USS Missouri BB-63 (metal miniature)

Photo Etch Reviews
Flagship Models 1/350 Modern Sub Propellers
Flagship Models 1/400 Modern Surface Ship Propellers
Miscellaneous Accessory Reviews
JD Products 1/96 MK-56 Gun Director (resin and metal kit)
L’Arsenal 1/350 5" / 38 Gun on Open Mount  NEW
L’Arsenal 1/350 - 1/400 Naval Figures NEW
Book Reviews
Mountaineer Battlewagon  USS West Virginia (BB-48) by Myron J. Smith
Model Ship Journal Fall 2003  NEW
F4F Wildcat DVD from Aircraft Films
Warship Boneyards by Kit and Carolyn Bonner
Tools and Modeling Supplies
Flexi files Sanding Tools
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