1/350 Modern Sub Propellers
Photo etch set by Flagship Models
If you build modern 1/350 scale subs, you know there is very little detailing you can do to them to make them stand out. Other than a good paint job the one thing that will help your sub stand out in a crowd is to replace those inaccurate plastic props that typically come with today's kits.
This set includes 6 and 7 blade propellers with the 7 bladed ones available in large or small styles. The props are relief etched in brass. All the modeler has to do is bend the blades into shape and attach them to the kit supplied shafts.
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Note: image scanned in B&W to allow higher resolution without increasing file size.
Conclusions: This is set number FM 350-6 retailing for $11.00. While this set has been around for a while it still is a great addition to your modern sub fleet.

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