Happy New Year
31-12-2012 U-Boat Monday
1/72 U-Boat with CMK interior (Revell) by Peter Van Buren

30-12-2012 Sub Sunday
1/144 Type VIIC early version (Revell) by Martin Deuretsbacher

29-12-2012 Sub Saturday
1/144 U-9 Type IIB U-Boat (ICM) by Edward Krzyzowski

28-12-2012 DE Friday
1/350 USS Jaccard DE-355 (Iron Shipwright) by Richard Sliwka

27-12-2012 Tin Can Thursday
1/350 USS Livermore DD-429 (Dragon) by Abram Joslin
1/350 USS Leutze DD-481 (Tamiya) by George Georgopoulos

26-12-2012 Sailboat Wednesday
1/60 English armed boat (Scratchbuilt) by Marcello d'Andrea
1/87 Skipjack Oyster Boat (Pyro) by Mark Manning

25-12-2012 MerryChristmas
1/700 Battleship Roma (Trumpeter) by Bob Cicconi

24-12-2012 Modern Monday
1/700 Project 1135 Zadornyy (Pit-Road) by Jack Sniper
1/700 INS Viraat (Orange Hobby) by David J. Salvin

23-12-2012 FFG Sunday
1/96 USS McMclusty FFG-41 (Scratchbuilt) by Don Macdonald

22-12-2012 PT Saturday
1/35 ELCO 80' Motor Torpedo Boat (Italeri) by Richard Reynolds

21-12-2012 PLAN Friday
1/350 PLA Navy type 054a FFG (Trumpeter) by Adam Mcleish
1/350 PLA Navy DD Shenzhen (Trumpeter) by Mike Ng

20-12-2012 HMS Thursday
1/100 HMS Victory (Heller) by William Zammit
1/700 HMS Hood 1941 (Trumpeter) by Liu SiHong First Submission

19-12-2012 USN Cruiser Wednesday
1/700 USS Vincennes CA-44 (Trumpeter) by Manuel González First Submission
1/292 USS Olympia (Revell) by David Wick

18-12-2012 HMS Tuesday
1/350 HMS Illustrious (Airfix) by Paolo Yuen
1/700 HMS Ashanti (Trumpter) by Giampiero Galeotti

17-12-2012 JMSDF Monday
1/700 JMSDF Umitaka (Aoshima) by Kriangkai Supanpong
1/700 JMSDF 122 Hatsuyuki (Pit-Road) by Bob Nandell

16-12-2012 IJN Sunday
1/350 IJN Yahagi 1945 (Hasegawa) by Jeff Lin
1/350 IJN Sub I-400 (Tamiya) by Daniele Chiarello

15-12-2012 First Saturday
1/350 USS Washington BB-56 (Trumpeter) by David Mitten First Submission

14-12-2012 First Friday
1/700 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 by Mike Bridge First Submission

13-12-2012 IJN Thursday
1/700 IJN Sub Tender (Various) by Robert Espenschied
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Michal Nowak

12-12-2012 Unusual Cruiser Wednesday
1/700 Jeanne d'Arc 1904 (Combrig) by Jim Baumann
1/700 ARA La Argentina (Scratchbuilt) by Santiago Ezcurra

11-12-2012 Small Boat Tuesday
1/35 MAS 568 MTB (Italeri) by Richard Reynolds
1/60 Tuna Clipper Gulf Star (Lindberg) by Mark Manning

10-12-2012 Modern Monday
1/350 HMS Kent Frigate (Trumpeter) by Chee Wee Sim
1/700 Admiral Chabanenko (Trumpeter) by Amuro Zhou First Submission

09-12-2012 SAC Sunday
1/700 SAC bomber dios (Pit Road &Takara) by Kostas Katseas

08-12-2012 China Saturday
1/700 Ting Yuen (S-Model) by Timothy Choi

07-12-2012 Pearl Harbor Day
1/700 USS Oklahoma BB-37 (H.G. Watkins) by Paul Helfrich
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Hobby Boss) by Chuck Bauer
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Hobby Boss) by Laurent Sciarretti
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Hobby Boss) by David Wick

06-12-2012 Modern Thursday
1/350 JMSDF Atago (Trumpeter) by Han-Pinn, Ong
1/720 CVN-70 Carl Vinson (Revell) by Doug De Velbiss First Submission

More new Reviews for December include:

Another  new Reviews for December includes: 03-12-2012
More new Reviews for December include: 02-12-2012
More new Reviews for December include: 01-12-2012
New Reviews for December include:

30-11-2012 USN Friday
1/350 USS Worcester CL-144 (Yankee Modelworks) by Richard Sliwka

29-11-2012 HMS Thursday
1/700 HMS Oribi & Obdurate (Tamiya) by Jaap Pluimgraaff
1/350 HMS Trafalgar (Airfix) by Tony Mollica

28-11-2012 Civil Wednesday
1/350 Rusted Liberty Ship (Trumpeter) by Ryan Labieniec
1/1250 RMS Empress of Russia (Scratchbuilt) by Andrea De Bonis

27-11-2012 Paper Tuesday
1/250 Minesweeperes (Passat Verlag) by Kurt Spitler
1/700 CSS Baltic, 1864 (CT Ertz Paper Model) by Katarzyna Manikowska

26-11-2012 IJN Monday
1/700 IJN Yamato 1944 (Fujimi) by Malcolm Wong First Submission

25-11-2012 Sub Sunday
1/350 Project 955 Borei Yuri Dolgoruky SSBN (Hobby Boss) by Adam Mcleish

24-11-2012 Sub Saturday
1/350 K-335 Gepard (Bronco) by Rain Tao First Submission

23-11-2012 HMS Friday
1/350 HMS Rodney 1942 (ISW) by Robert Apfelzweig

22-11-2012 Happy Thanksgiving
1/350 SMS König (ICM) by Ralf Roggeveen

21-11-2012 USN DD Wednesday
1/350 USS Gearing DD-710 (Dragon) by Richard J Price
1/700 USS Lansdowne DD-486 (Dragon) by Timothy Choi

20-11-2012 USN Tuesday
1/1200 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Revell) by John Kauck
1/350 USS Oakland CL-95 (Yankee Modelworks) by Clifford W. Lauzon Sr.

19-11-2012 DKM Monday
1/35 German submarine Type 205 (OKB Grigorov) by Marcelo Albuquerque
1/400 Leichter Kreutzer Königsberg (HP Models) by Stein Gildberg

18-11-2012 Sub Sunday
1/35 German midget submarine (Micromir) by Maksym Bazhal

17-11-2012 Sub Saturday
1/350 Boorei-Yuri Dolgoruky SSBN (Hobby Boss) by David Goldfinch

Telford 2012 UK IPMS International ScaleModelworld by Jim Baumann

Another new reviews for November includes:

14-11-2012 CV Wednesday
1/350 HMS Illustrious (Airfix) by William Zammit
1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 (Tamiya) by John Kauck First Submission

13-11-2012 IJN Tuesday
1/700 IJN Amagi (Fujimi) by Kostas Katseas

12-11-2012 PLAN Monday
1/700 dock landing ship Kunlunshan (Dreammodel) by Yu Cong

11-11-2012 USN Sunday Remeber our Veterans.
1/350 USS Cushing DD 985 (Dragon) by Adam Mcleish

10-11-2012 DD Saturday
1/350 USS Gillespie DD-609 (Dragon) by Gordon Bjorklund

09-11-2012 HMS Friday
1/700 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Hong Seungmin

08-11-2012 USN Thursday
1/350 Gambier Bay CVE-73 (Hasegawa) by Chris Toops

07-11-2012 CL Wednesday
1/700 General Belgrano (Corsair Armada) by David J. Salvin

06-11-2012 Election Day USA - VOTE
1/350 Admiral Ushakov ( Trumpeter) by Mike Ng

More new reviews for November include:

KC CON 2012 - Sponsored by IPMS Great Plains & IPMS KC AMPS by Carl Musselman

03-11-2012 SMS Saturday
1/350 SMS Grosser Kurfürst (ICM) by Anthony Polychroniadis

More new reviews for November include:

New reviews for November include:

31-10-2012 CV Wednesday
1/700 HMS Hermes ( Orange Hobby) by Chee Wee Sim
1/350 USS George H.W. Bush (Trumpeter / Scratch) by Ryan Labieniec

30-10-2012 DD Tuesday
1/96 USS Stout DDG-55 (Scratchbuilt) by Bill Liebold
1/350 Nazario Sauro 1934 (Scratchbuilt) by Marcello d'Andrea

29-10-2012 US Monday
1/350 USS Gudgeon (Blue Ridge Models) by Richard Sliwka
1/350 USS Half Moon AVP-26 (Back-Aft Models) by Mike Cavel

28-10-2012 HMS Sunday
1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by John Powell

27-10-2012 RU Saturday
1/350 Admiral Chabanenko (Trumpeter) by Gareth Millroy

26-10-2012 Service Friday
1/72 Tugboat Hercules (Lindberg) by Mark Manning
1/700 MSC TAK-R USNS Mercury (scratch-build) by Bob Nandell

25-10-2012 Modern Thursday
1/350 HMS Illustrious (Airfix) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 Soviet Delta III SSBN (Dragon) by Paul Helfrich

24-10-2012 Sub Wednesday
1/350 Japanese Sub I-19 (AFV Club) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 USS Seawolf SSN-21 (Hobbyboss) by Jack Sniper

23-10-2012 USN Tuesday
1/700 USS Glover FF-1098 (Corsair Armada Productions) by Carl Musselman
1/700 USS George Washington (Trumpeter) by David J. Salvin

22-10-2012 U-boat Monday
1/350 U-Boat Type VIIC (Revell) by Mike Cavel
1/125 German U-Boat U-47 (Revell) by Daniele Chiarello

21-10-2012 ORP Sunday
1/700 ORP Krakowiak 1944 (Choroszy Modelbud) by Katarzyna Manikowska

20-10-2012 Seabee Saturday
1/48 Republic RC-3 Seabee (Glencoe) by Paul Helfrich

19-10-2012 Old School Friday
1/250 SMS Derfflinger 1919 (HMV & CFP) by Thomas Klünemann
1/250 Russian cruiser Otchakow (Digital Navy) by Kurt Spitler

18-10-2012 Axis Cruiser Thursday
1/400 Heavy cruise Fiume (Tauro Models) by Marcelo Albuquerque
1/400 Leichter Kreutzer Karlsruhe (HP Models) by Stein Gildberg

17-10-2012 HMS Wednesday
1/600 HMS Tiger C20 (Airfix) by Lutz Fuhrmann
1/700 HMS Canopus 1915 (Combrig) by Bob Cicconi

16-10-2012 USN WW2 Tuesday
1/350 USS Alabama BB-60 (Trumpeter) by Kyle Prestwood
1/350 USS Brooklyn CL-40 (Yankee Modelworks) by Matthew Enochs

15-10-2012 Modern Monday
1/350 USS Kidd DDG-993 (Dragon) by Adam Mcleish
1/700 PLAN Type 054A frigate (Motion Emotion) by Yu Cong
1/800 USS MIDWAY CV-41 (Arii) by Mario Mares First Submission

14-10-2012 IJN Sunday
1/700 Nagato 1927 (Aoshima) by Kostas Katseas

13-10-2012 Sub Saturday
1/72 U-295 Type VII C/41 (Revell) by Robert Apfelzweig

12-10-2012 British Friday
1/350 HMS Trafalgar (Airfix) by David Goldfinch
1/35 Vosper 72'6" MTB 77 (Italeri) by Richard Reynolds First Submission

11-10-2012 First Modern US Thursday
1/350 USS McCampbell DDG-85 (Trumpeter) by Aaron Burks First Submission
1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Arthur Nijmeijer First Submission

10-10-2012 First Axis Wednesday
1/350 IJN Kongo & Chokai (Fujimi) by Michael Franz First Submission
1/350 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Thanakrit Meelarp First Submission

09-10-2012 Civil Tuesday
1/87 Diesel Tug Despatch No 9 (Lindberg) by Mark Manning
1/1250 MV Xue Long (scratchbuilt) by Andrea De Bonis

08-10-2012 ORP Monday
1/200 ORP Garland (Quest) by Koen Bertoe

07-10-2012 Sub Sunday
1/350 USS Nautilus (Combat Subs/Pit-Road) by Tony Bunch

06-10-2012 Rescue Saturday
1/350 PT-505 Rescue (WEM & L'Arsenal) by David Waples

05-10-2012 Old School Friday
1/350 SMS Bayern (Combrig) by Peter Van Buren
1/350 USS Minneapolis (ISW Conversion) by Philip LaVoie

Even more new reviews for October include:

More new reviews for October include: 02-10-2012
More new reviews for October include: 01-10-2012
New reviews for October include:

1/350 DKM U-48 (Hobby Boss) by Santiago Ezcurra

1/700 HMS Rushen Castle (Finewaterline) by Don McKeand

28-09-2012 USN Friday
1/700 USS Saratoga (Trumpeter) by Nanond Nopparat
1/232 USS Olympia C-6 (Revell) by John Powell

27-09-2012 Sub Thursday
1/144 Wilhelm Bauer (Revell Germany) by Edward Krzyzowski
1/700 Regina Marina Platino (Kitbashed Hobby Boss) by Anthony Kochevar

Prison City Model Contest Leavenworth, Kansas by Carl Musselman

25-09-2012 USN Tuesday
1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Trumpeter) by Nikos Brestas
1/700 USS Iowa BB-61(Tamiya) by Ivan Ng

24-09-2012 Tin Can Monday
1/350 USS Gansevoort DD-608 (Dragon) by Mike Cavel
1/350 ROCN PC-104 (Iron Shipwrights) by Chen.Chih-Pang

23-09-2012 High Seas Sunday
1/2400 HMS Agincourt (Micronauts GHQ) by Katarzyna Manikowska

22-09-2012 CVN Saturday
1/700 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Revell) by Bob Nandell

21-09-2012 German Friday
1/250 Wespe & Natter (HMV) by Kurt Spitler
1/35 German mini-submarine (MikroMir) by Daniele Chiarello

20-09-2012 Old School Thursday
1/350 RN Affondatore 1865 (scratchbuilt) by Andrea De Bonis
1/350 HMS Kent 1902 (Combrig) by Colin Swager

19-09-2012 USN Wednesday
1/700 Starlifters loading (Pit-Road) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 USS Knox FF-1052 (WEM) by Adam Mcleish

18-09-2012 USN Tuesday
1/700 USS Independence LCS-2 (Cyber-Hobby) by Jack Sniper
1/700 USS California CGN-36 (JAG) by David J. Salvin

17-09-2012 HMS Monday
1/700 HMS Nelson (Tamiya) by Chris Hewitt
1/700 HMS Rodney (Tamiya) by Jaap Pluimgraaff

16-09-2012 DDG Sunday
1/700 Charles F. Adams DDG-2 (Dragon) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

15-09-2012 Shrimpboat Saturday
1/60 Shrimp Boat (Lindberg) by Mark Manning

14-09-2012 HMS Friday
1/700 HMS Naiad Light Cruiser (WEM) by An Chu

13-09-2012 HMS Thursday
1/700 HMS Electra H27 (Tamiya) by Krzysztof Andrzejak

12-09-2012 Sub Wenesday
1/700 JMSDF Yushio (DML) by Paul Helfrich

11-09-2012 Remember 9-11
1/350 ROC FFG-1103 (Academy) by Chen Chih-Pang

10-09-2012 CVE Monday
1/700 USS Copahee CVE-12 (Tamiya) by Nanond Nopparat

09-09-2012 Sub Sunday
1/700 USS.Nautilus SSN-571 (OKB Grigorov) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

08-09-2012 Mikasa Saturday
1/350 Japanese Battleship Mikasa (Hasagawa) by Derek Campbell First Submission

07-09-2012 Civil Friday
1/700 Kyoto Express (Revell Germany) by Fred Koster
1/400 AIDAdiva Cruise Liner (Revell) by Paolo Yuen

06-09-2012 BB Thursday
1/200 USS Arizona, BB39 (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Krzysztof Andrzejak

More new reviews for September include:

More new reviews for September include: 03-09-2012
More new reviews for September include: 02-09-2012
More new reviews for September include: 01-09-2012
New reviews for September include:

31-08-2012 Old School Friday
1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa ) by Anthony Polychroniadis
1/700 HMS Dreadnought (Combrig) by Kyuwhan Kim First Submission

30-08-2012 Axis Thursday
1/700 IJN Maya 1944 (Aoshima) by Dan Kaplan
1/350 German Battleship Tirpitz (Revell) by Ju sung Seok First Submission
Please Welcome ArtistHobby as a sponsor.

29-08-2012 Modern Wednesday
1/350 HMAS Anzac (Fleetline Models) by Adam Mcleish
1/144 TU-95RTs Bear-D (Revell) by Kieran Griffith

28-08-2012 JMSDF Tuesday
1/700 JMSDF Ariake DD-183 (Tamiya) by Nanond Nopparat
1/700 JMSDF Aishima MSC-688 (Pit-road) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

27-08-2012 Adversary Monday
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Revell) by Jannem Kluën First Submission
1/700 HMS Hood 1941 (Trumpeter) by Daniele Chiarello

26-08-2012 Spanish Sunday
1/350 Spanish Battleship Jaime I (Scratchbuilt) by Germà Coenders

25-08-2012 Trawling into the weekend
1/200 Bodasteinur Stern Trawler (Heller) by Mark Manning

24-08-2012 Lost Friday
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Hobby Boss) by John Nelson
1/350 USS Barton DD-599 (Dragon) by Fred Branyan

23-08-2012 Sub Thursday
1/50 Nazario Sauro SSK 518 (Scratchbuilt) by Luciano Lacqua
1/144 Kilo Class Sub (Trumpeter) by Marco Fin

22-08-2012 Japanese Wednesday
1/300 USCG Roger B. Taney (Revell) by Paul Helfrich
1/550 Japanese Battleship Asahi (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda

21-08-2012 Modern Tuesday
1/700 JMSDF PG-824 Hayabusa (Aoshima) by Kittiwat Jeerawarangul First Submission
1/700 USS Montana (IHP & Trumpeter) by David J. Salvin

20-08-2012 Civil Monday
1/700 Tug Boat (Waterline Series) by Kriangkai Supanpong
1/400 Lightship Texel (Scaldis/JSC) by Katarzyna Manikowska

19-08-2012 Sailing Sunday
1/80 1780 Chebec (Imai) by Rod Millard
1/350 RN Varese (scratch built) by Andrea De Bonis

18-08-2012 Soviet Saturday
1/700 Soviet Air-Cushion Landing Crafts (Dragon) by Pongsatron Yodouppatham First Submission

17-08-2012 Adversary Friday
1/600 HMS Ajax (Airfix) by Bob Nandell
1/350 Graf Spee (Aacademy) by Hyunmin Ki First Submission

16-08-2012 DKM Thursday
1/144 DKM U-19 (ICM) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/350 Kriegsmarine Zerstörer Z43 (Trumpeter) by Stein Gildberg
1/144 U-2360 Type XXIII U-Boat (Trumpeter) by Edward Krzyzowski

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "More Ships and Naval related" by Carl Musselman

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "More Ships and Naval related" by Carl Musselman

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "The Awards for the Ships" by Carl Musselman

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "The Ships Day 3" by Carl Musselman

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "The Ships Day 2" by Carl Musselman

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "The Ships Day 1" by Carl Musselman

Almost live at the IPMS 2012 Nats "The Vendors" by Carl Musselman

1/700 Japanese heavy cruiser Tone (Fujimi) by Jack Sniper

1/700 USS. Hercules PHM-2 (Pit-Road) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

1/700 KuK Austro-Hungarian Battleship SMS Radetzky (WSW) by Martin Deuretsbacher

1/35 MTB 213 (YS Masterpieces/Scratch) by Brent Simpson

Another new review for August includes:

1/350 RM Roma (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig

More new reviews for August include:

New reviews for August include:

31-07-2012 U-boat Tuesday
1/350 Type IXA U-Boat U-38 (HobbyBoss) by David Goldfinch

30-07-2012 HMS Monday
1/700 King George V (Tamiya) by Dhitii Norasedterakul

29-07-2012 Sub Sunday
1/350 USS Virginia SSN 774 (HobbyBoss) by Adam Mcleish

28-07-2012 Sub Saturday
1/35 S.L.C. 200 "Maiale" (Italeri) by Daniele Chiarello

27-07-2012 Patrol Friday
1/72 DKM Schnellboot S-10 (Airfix) by Martin Deuretsbacher
1/72 SMS Adler (Wiener Modellbau Manufactur) by Peter Plattner

26-07-2012 CV Thursday
1/350 PLA Navy Former Russian CV Varyag (Trumpeter) by Peter Hoskins
1/350 CV-8 Hornet (Trumpeter) by Kei Kim

25-07-2012 Modern DD Wednesday
1/350 Project 1155 Udaloy (Trumpeter) by Nikos Brestas
1/1250 DD-968 Arthur W. Radford (HobbyBoss) by Dai Tsao

24-07-2012 Patrol Tuesday
1/700 JMSDF DE-225 Noshiro (Pit-Road) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong
1/400 Molniya missile corvette (Mirage Hobby) by Alex Nguyen

23-07-2012 Old School Monday
1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Zveda) by Frank Aplin First Submission
1/600 SMS Schleswig Holstein (Scratchbuilt) by Christophe-Martinez

22-07-2012 Sheffeld Sunday
1/700 HMS Sheffield, 1982 (Dragon) by Tony Mollica First Submission

21-07-2012 Civilian Saturday
1/700 CSAV Rio Malleco (Scratchbuilt) by Georgios Lefkakis

20-07-2012 LCS Friday
Building the Lockheed Martin LCS-3 in 1/96 scale by Bill Liebold

19-07-2012 Modern Thursday
1/350 Yasen Class SSN "Severodvinsk" by Howard Stickland
1/700 USS Eisenhower CVN-69 (Trumpeter) by Yu Taeheon  First Submission

18-07-2012 Pacific Wednesday
1/350 Enterprise & Monssen (Trumpeter/Dragon) by Jeroen Zuiderduin
1/350 USS Laffey DD-459 (Dragon) by John Nelson First Submission

17-07-2012 DKM Tuesday
1/125 Type VIIB U-99 (Revell) by Edward Krzyzowski
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Academy) by Laurent Sciarretti

More new reviews for July include:

15-07-2012 Sub Sunday
1/350 Le Triomphant SSBN (Hobbyboss) by Adam Mcleish

14-07-2012 Returning Saturday
1/400 ORP Orzel (Mirage/HMV) by Katarzyna Manikowska
1/350 U-176 Type IX (Mirage Hobby) by Robert Stubbs

13-07-2012 Unlucky Friday
1/350 Gambier Bay CVE-73 (Hasegawa) by Kei Kim

12-07-2012 EU Thursday
1/600 HMS Nelson (Airfix) by Bob Nandell
1/350 Greek DD Themistocles (ISW) by Clifford W. Lauzon Sr.

11-07-2012 Civil Wednesday
1/700 Chikucen PHL-06 (Pit-road) by Pramuk Kiatjarungphan First Submission
1/142 Northsea Fishing Trawler (Revell) by Mark Manning

We are pleased to add AVR Models to our list of sponsors

10-07-2012 IJN Tuesday
1/700 IJN Small Coast Vessel (Tamiya) by Dai Tsao
1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Mike Chow

1/350 Kriegsmarine Blücher (Trumpeter) by Stein Gildberg

1/200 Type IX-B U-107 (Hobbyeasy) by Marcelo Albuquerque

1/350 Georgios Averof (YS Masterpieces) by Kyriakos Chatzipares

1/350 Missouri & England (Tamiya/Trumpeter) by Russell C. Dutnell

1/350 HMS Valiant 1944 (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder

04-07-2012 Happy 4th of July
1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 (Dragon) by Kei Kim First Submission

Another new review for July includes:

More new reviews for July include: 01-07-2012
New reviews for July include:

30-06-2012 CV Saturday
1/700 Chinese Carrier Shi Lang (Trumpeter) by David J. Salvin

29-06-2012 DD Friday
1/700 HMAS Vampire (Tamiya) by Paul Colterman First Submission
1/350 Kriegsmarine Zerstörer Z39 (Dragon) by Stein Gildberg

28-06-2012 CA Thursday
1/350 IJN Heavy cruiser Tone (Tamiya) by Veniamin Litvin
1/200 USN Heavy Cruisers (Scratchbuilt) by Mario Beyer

27-06-2012 BB Wednesday
1/700 SMS Erzherzog Ferdinand Max (WSW) by Martin Deuretsbacher
1/350 USS Missouri BB63 (Tamiya) by Gary Smith

26-06-2012 Civil Tuesday
1/400 Goldenfels/Atlantis (Aurora) by Marc Bombail
1/110 South Goodwin (Eastern Express) by Mark Manning

25-06-2012 Sub Monday
1/350 PLAN Type 039A (HobbyBoss) by David Goldfinch
1/144 DKM U-3504 (Revell Germany) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/200 Type IXB U-108 (Nichimo) by Edward Krzyzowski

Another new review for June includes:

23-06-2012 Fantasy Saturday
1/400 Fairy Tale of River (Oriol/BM) by Katarzyna Manikowska

22-06-2012 AV Friday
1/48-32 Naval Aviation Collection (Various) by Peter Van Buren
1/350 IJN Ise 1944 (Fujimi) by Zdenek Krcmar

21-06-2012 Patrol Thursday
1/72 Vosper MTB (Airfix) by Angel Angelov & Silvia Angelova
1/700 Mosquito Fleet (Pit-Road/RainBow/LR) by Dai Tsao
1/700 JMSDF Hayabusa PG-824 (Aoshima) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

20-06-2012 Cruiser Wednesday
1/350 USS Indianapolis CA35 (ISW) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/400 French Cruiser Colbert (Heller) by Marcelo Albuquerque

19-06-2012 Civil Tuesday
1/16 Cat Boat (Scratchbuilt) by Donald Branscom
1/90 North Atlantic Fishing Trawler (Lindberg) by Mark Manning

18-06-2012 BB Monday
1/350 HMS Waspite (Academy) by Anthony Alvear
1/350 IJN Kongo (Aoshima) by Kyriakos Chatzipares
1/350 RN Roma (Trumpeter) by Victor-Prall

17-06-2012 Civil Sunday
1/700 RMS Olympic (Academy) by Kyle Prestwood First Submission
1/1250 Costa Concordia (promotional) by Daniele Chiarello

16-06-2012 Freedom Saturday
1/350 USS Freedom LCS-1 (Dragon) by Peter Van Buren

15-06-2012 Modern Friday
1/700 USS Greeneville SSN-772 (HobbyBoss) by David Waples
1/350 USS Wasp LHD-1 (Revell) by Louis Carabott
1/350 HMS Victorious (Bronco) by Adam Mcleish

14-06-2012 Cold War Thursday
1/600 Soviet ASW Ships (Aurora/scratch) by Bob Nandell
1/700 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Trumpeter) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

13-06-2012 IJN Wednesday
1/350 IJN Myoko (Aoshima) by Dae hee Lee First Submission
1/350 Ukuru Type A Japanese Escort Ship (Pit Road) by Adrian Koh
1/350 IJN Maya (Aoshima) by Peter Hoskins

12-06-2012 Sub Tuesday
1/350 HMS Astute (Hobbyboss) by Adam Mcleish
1/350 French Submarine Surcouf (HobbyBoss) by David Goldfinch First Submission

11-06-2012 Z class Monday
1/400 Narvik class destroyer Z-31 (Heller) by Jan Varga
1/350 Kriegsmarine Zerstörer Z-25 (Trumpeter) by Stein Gildberg

10-06-2012 Sub Sunday
1/700 Chinese Romeo (HobbyBoss/SeaSprit/RainBow) by Dai Tsao

09-06-2012 IJN Saturday
1/500 IJN Maya Heavy Cruiser (Nichimo) by Anthony Tow

08-06-2012 First Friday
1/35 Italian MAS boat (Italeri) by Al Bubnis First Submission
1/350 Titanic (Academy Minicraft) by John Robert Fox First Submission

07-06-2012 USN BB Thursday
1/350 USS Oklahoma BB-37 (ISW) by Jeff Sharp
1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 (Minihobby models) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

06-04-2012 Amphib Wednesday
More new review for June include:

1/350 US Rhino Ferry (Back-Aft Models) by Carl Musselman

We are pleased to add Back-Aft Models to our list of sponsors

More new review for June include:

More new review for June include: We are pleased to add Atlantic Models to our list of sponsors

Another new review for June includes:

Another new review for June includes: 01-06-2012
New reviews for June include: We are pleased to add Blue Ridge Models as a sponsor.

31-05-2012 BB Thursday
1/250 RF Massèna (Golden Bear Models) by Kurt Spitler
1/350 RM Roma (Trumpeter) by Edward Krzyzowski First Submission

30-05-2012 DD Wednesday
1/700 HMS Cavalier (Mole Maritime Models) by Peter Fulgoney
1/700 INS Delhi D-61 (scratchbuilt) by Vicente Atienza

29-05-2012 CV Tuesday
1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 (Trumpeter) by Randy Lenetsky
1/700 DKM Graf Zeppelin and Prinz Eugen (various) by Martin Deuretsbacher

28-05-2012 Thanks to all our Veterans who have served or are serving!
More new reviews for May include:

1/700 IJN Ship Collection (Various) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

1/350 USS Alabama BB-60 (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

25-05-2012 Sub Friday
1/700 Kilo Class Sub (HobbyBoss/Orange/RainBow) by Dai Tsao
 1/700 Typhoon SSBN (Hobby Boss) by Timothy Choi

24-05-2012 CL Thursday
1/700 Scout Cruiser SMS Saida (WSW) by Martin Deuretsbacher
1/350 Light Cruiser HMS Ajax (ISW) by David Hogue

23-05-2012 BB Wednesday
1/700 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong
1/400 USS Missouri (Hapdong) by Peter O'Donnell
1//700 RN Roma (Trumpeter) by Guido Camurati First Submission

22-05-2012 Tin Can Tuesday
1/350 USS Endicott DD-495 (Dragon) by Gabriel Djinn First Submission
1/350 Erich Koellner Z13 (ISW-mod) by Stein Gildberg
1/350 IJN Yukikaze (Hasegawa) by Adrian Koh


20-05-2012 HMCS Sunday
 1/350 HMCS Chambly K-116 (ISW) by Timothy Choi

19-05-2012 Roma Saturday
1/350 Battleship Roma (Trumpeter) by Peter Van Buren

18-05-2012 First Friday
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by Akos Szabo  First Submission
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Bas Flipse  First Submission
1/700 IJN Yubari (Tamiya) by Tino Ehrling  First Submission

17-05-2012 Old school Thursday
1/700 USS Monitor and CSS Merrimac (Modelkrak) by Katarzyna Manikowska
1/700 SMS St. Georg (WSW) by Martin Deuretsbacher

16-05-2012 Liner Wednesday
1/600 RMS Mauretania (Airfix) by Bob Nandell
1/700 Queen Mary 2 (Revell) by Chris Hewitt
1/570 RMS Titanic (Revell/scratch) by Christophe Martinez

15-05-2012 BB Tuesday
1/350 HMS Agincourt 1916 (ISW) by Stefano Sappino First Submission
1/700 USSR Battleship Novorossiysk (Combrig) by David J. Salvin
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Jordi Minaya

14-05-2012 DKM Monday
1/350 Bismarck in Grimstad Fjord (Revell) by Stein Gildberg
1/350 Prinz Eugen 1941 (Trumpeter) by Giuseppe Venuti

13-05-2012 Sailing into Sunday
1/72 Hansa Kogge (Revell) by John Lemire

12-05-2012 Scratch Saturday
Scratchbuilding a 1/350 HMS Campbeltown in 1941 by Werner De Keersmaecker

11-05-2012 Sub Friday
1/72 HL Hunley (Cottage Industry Models) by Maksym Bazhal
1/350 ARA Santa Fe S-1 (Scratchbuilt) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/350 HMS Trafalgar (Airfix) by Adam Mcleish

10-05-2012 CV Thursday
1/700 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Dragon) by Gordon Bjorklund
1/700 HMS Illustrious (Revell) by Pedro Carreras
1/700 HMS Puncher (Tamiya) by Nathan S Knowles  First Submission

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09-05-2012 BB Wednesday
1/700 Indomitable 1908 (Combrig) by Ilya Lifanov
1/700 Duke of York & Huron (Revell-Trumpeter) by Jaap Pluimgraaff
1/350 RN Roma (Trumpeter) by Giuseppe Venuti

Please welcome British Forces Models as a sponsor.

08-05-2012 Sub Tuesday
1/350 Russian Typhoon Class (Alanger) by Andrea De Bonis
1/350 Russia Akula II Class Attack Submarine (Bronco) by Chen Chih-Pang
1/144 U-9: Type IIB U Boat (ICM) by Paul Helfrich

07-05-2012 DD Monday
1/125 USS McChord DD-530 (Lindberg) by Bob Nandell
1/350 Z19 Hermann Künne (Trumpeter) by Stein Gildberg
1/350Admiral Panteleyev (Trumpeter) by Lim Kian Seng

06-05-2012 CV Sunday
1/535 USS Midway CV-41 (Revell) by Ken McClellan First Submission

05-05-2012 Icebreaker Saturday
1/700 Icebrealer Krassin (Combrig/Scratchbuilt) by Jim Baumann

04-05-2012 Modern Friday
1/200 Chinese Navy DDG-139 Ningbo (Bronco) by Wim Verbist
1/350 JMSDF Murasame (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder
1/700 USS San Jacinto (Dragon) by Pedro Carreras

03-05-2012 Midsize Thursday
1/350 ROCN PCE-42 (Iron Shipwrights) by Chen.Chih-Pang
1/700 Gorleston (White Ensign Models) by Eyal Reinfeld
1/350 USS England DE-635 (Trumpeter) by by Russell C. Dutnell

More new reviews for May include:

New reviews for May include:

 FLEACON #8 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa by Carl Musselman

29-04-2012 Sub Sunday
1/??? Los Angeles Class Attack Egg (Scratchbuilt) by David Waples

28-04-2012 Sub Saturday
1/350 Das Boot - Mann über Bord (Hobby Boss) by Werner De keersmaecker

26-04-2012 Old School Friday
1/250 Spanish coastal defense ship Numancia (Heinkelmodels) by Kurt Spitler
1/350 SMS Scharnhorst (Combrig) by Ted Bunn
1/350 USS Texas pre-dreadnought (ISW) by Clifford Lauzon Sr.

25-04-2012 Civil Thursday
1/700 City of Xiamen (Scratchbuilt) by Georgios Lefkakis
1/1200 Queen Mary 2 (Revell) by Marc Bombail
1/360 CCG Icebreaker Henry Larsen (Scratchbuilt) by Mike Ng

25-04-2012 IJN Wednesday
1/350 IJN Ise 1944 (Fujimi) by Keith Bender
1/700 IJN Soryu 1942 (Aoshima) by Paul Helfrich
1/350 IJN Nagato (Hasegawa) by Lim Kian Seng

24-04-2012 Tug Tuesday
1/108 American Harbour Tug (Revell) by Mark Manning First Submission
1/350 Harbor tug Sir John Hall (Imai) by Maarten Schönfeld
1/700 HMS Sheffield D80 Destroyer (Skywave) by Chris Hewitt

23-04-2012 Modern Monday
1/350 Kilo Class Submarine (Bronco) by Pedro Carreras
1/350 USS Shiloh CG-67 (Dragon) by Alex Nguyen
1/700 Shimokita and Ohsumi (Tamiya) by Alec Cap

22-04-2012 Milestone Sunday
1/72-1/1250 My first 500 ships (Various) by Erick Navas

21-04-2012  LKE Saturday
A tale of 3 USS Lake Erie's by Douglas Conrady

20-04-2012 First Friday
1/72 HMCS Summerside (Scratchbuilt) by Sean Campbell  First Submission
1/350 USS Texas BB-35 (ISW) by David Hogue First Submission
1/200 Dutch Hr.Ms. Z5 Torpedoboat (Paper) by Koen Bertoen First Submission

19-04-2012 HMS Thursday
1/350 HMS Warspite, 1943 (Academy) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 HMS Repulse (Tamiya) by Krzysztof Andrzejak
1/700 HMS Vanguard What-if (Samek) by David J. Salvin

18-04-2012 "70th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo"
1/700 "This Force is Bound for Tokyo" by John Leyland

17-04-2012 Catching up Tuesday
IPMS Seattle Spring Show, part Two: photos by Matt Enochs
1/18 Sam Crocker's Stone Horse (Scratchbuilt) by Bruce Neumann new images added

16-04-2012 Modern Monday
1/350 Russian Cruiser Moskva (Trumpeter) by Lim Kian Seng
1/700 USS Oldendorf DD-792 (Arii) by Daniele Chiarello
1/700 HMS Manchester (Dragon) by Chris Hewitt

15-04-2012 Lucky Sunday
1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 (Dragon) by Gordon Bjorklund

14-04-2012 Italian Saturday
1/400 RN Pola 1938 (Tauromodel) by Marcello d'Andrea

13-04-2012 Unlucky Friday
1/350 HMS Hood 1941 (Trumpeter) by Giuseppe Venuti
1/570 DKM Bismarck (Revell) by Paul Stewart
1/700 IJN battleship Yamato (Tamiya) by Eyal Reinfeld First Submission

12-04-2012 Dio Thursday
1/700 USS Montana & USS Salem (IHP Combrig) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 TID Class Tug (SSN Modellbau) by Christian Bruer
1/72 The planes of USS Shangri-la 1944-45 (Various) by Timm Smith

11-04-2012 Sub Wednesday
1/350 ARA San Luis (scratchbuilt) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/53 U-252 Aufwiderseen Herr Riis!  (Scratchbuilt) by Lennart Alvhult
1/350 Kursk K-141 (Zvezda) by Kyriakos Chatzipares

10-04-2012 Contest Tuesday
OMACON 2012 sponsored by IPMS Fort Crook by Carl Musselman
MosquitoCon 21: photos by Devin Poore
IPMS Seattle Spring Show photos by Tracy and Matt

09-04-2012 Battleship Monday
1/350 Scharnhorst September 1943 (Dragon) by Stein Gildberg
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Steve Power
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Russell Dutnell First Submission

08-04-2012 Sailing into Sunday Happy Easter
1/18 Sailing Ship Sandbagger (Scratchbuilt) by Bruce Neumann

07-04-2012 Surcouf Saturday
1/350 FN Surcouf (Hobby Boss) by Nick Dogger

06-04-2012 First Friday
1/350 RN Pola 1931 (Hobbyboss) by Andrea De Bonis  First Submission
1/350 HMS Norfolk (White Ensign Models) by Jin Kook Park First Submission
1/350 RMS Titanic (Minicraft) by Spencer Kent First Submission

05-04-2012 Sratch Thursday
Scratchbuilding the USS Massachusetts BB-59 in 1/350 Pierre Marchal
1/35 M4A3 Sherman tank with float (Scratch) by Philip LaVoie

04-04-2012 CV Wednesday
1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Paolo Yuen
1/350 USS Lexington CV-2 (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Young-ho Lee

More new reviews for April include:

More new reviews for April include: 01-04-2012
New reviews for April include:

31-03-2012 Sailing Saturday
1/350 ARM Cuauhtémoc (Revell/Scratch) by Irving González

30-03-2012 BB Friday
1/700 Queen Elizabeth 1918 (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 DKM Scharnhorst 1943 (Dragon) by Giuseppe Venuti
1/350 DKM Scharnhorst (Dragon) by Robert Apfelzweig

Please welcome ScaleWarship ltd as a sponsor.

29-03-2012 Unusual Thursday
1/400 The death of ORP "Gryf" (Fly Model) by Katarzyna Manikowska
1/35 River Minesweeper T4 (Choroszy Modelbud) by Marcin Wawrzynkowski
1/700 USS Thomas Jefferson Whatif CVN (Kitbash) by David Salvin

28-03-2012 Civil Wednesday
1/700 Tugboat Ioann Kronshtadtsky (Combrig) by  Alexey Nikitin
1/700 Nippon Maru - Yamashita Line (Fujimi) by Jim C Smith
1/400 Queen Mary II (Revell) by Paolo Yuen

Please welcome BigBlueBoy as a sponsor

27-03-2012 BB Tuesday
1/350 KMS Bismarck (Revell) by Anthony Polychroniadis
1/700 M2 proposed British Battleship (Scratchbuilt) by Ian Johnston First Submission
1/250 SMS Derfflinger (HMV) by Thomas Klünemann

26-03-2012 Modern USN Monday
1/700 USS Hornet CVS-12 (Trumpeter & Scratch) by Hong Seungmin First Submission
1/700 USS Kinkaid DD-965 (Revell/Fujimi) by Matthias Pohl
1/700 USS Bunker Hill CG-52 (Dragon) by Pedro Carreras

25-03-2012 Sub Sunday
1/350 K-19 Soviet Nuclear Submarine (Zvezda) by Kyriakos Chatzipares

24-03-2012 Sailing Saturday
1/96 Mayflower 1620 (Airfix) by Tom Singer

23-03-2012 Lean and Mean Friday
1/72 PT boat 41 (Revell / Airfix) by Brian Zulauf First Submission
1/350 Hr.Ms Dubois (Trumpter) vy Guus Gooijer
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Young-ho Lee

Please welcome HobbySpace as a sponsor.

22-03-2012 Cruiser Thursday
1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Trumpeter) by Veniamin Litvin
1/350 RN Pola (Hobbyboss) by Irving González
1/400 Köln, German Light Cruiser (HP Models) by Stein Gildberg

21-03-2012 BB Wednesday
1/700 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (Dragon) by Nikos Brestas
1/700 IJN Fuso (Aoshima) by Kristian Guyot First Submission
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Revell) by Giuseppe Venuti

20-03-2012 Russian Tuesday
1/250 Russian Cruiser Warjag (GPM) by Kurt Spitler
1/550 Dvenadtzat Apostolov (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda
1/700 Great Hunter and Minesweeper (Scratchbuilt) by Alexey Nikitin

19-03-2012 Modern Monday
1/700 "Riding shotgun for a battleship" (Tamiya/Dragon) by Tony Bunch
1/700 MCM 14 USS Chief (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Nandell
1/700 Juan Carlos I (Orange Hobby) by Pedro Carreras

18-03-2012 Sub Sunday
1/32 Bushnell's Turtle submarine (scratchbuilt) by Maksym Bazhal

17-03-2012 Sub Saturday
1/350 IJN I-400 (Tamiya) by Kyriakos Chatzipares

16-03-2012 BB Friday
1/350 HMS Hood 1941 (Modified Trumpeter) by Nick Dogger
1/350 Yamato under attack (Tamiya) by Jordi Minaya
1/350 HMS Repulse Dec. 41 (Trumpeter) by Tony Sutherland

15-03-2012 Old Timer Thursday
1/700 KuK Prinz Eugen and KuK Szent Istvan (WSW) by Martin Deuretsbacher First Submission
1/250 Dutch Coastal Defence Monitor TIJGER (Papershipwright) by Peter Wulff First Submission
1/384 USS Maine 1898 (Scratchbuilt) by Franklyn Day

14-03-2012 USN Wednesday
1/350 USS Monssen DD-436 (Dragon) by Gordon Bjorklund
1/350 USS Savo Island CVE-78 (Hasegawa) by Peter Hoskins
1/350 USS Enterprise at Midway (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

13-03-2012 Small Ships Tuesday
1/350 MTB-75 (White Ensign Models) by Nathaniel Wordley First Submission
1/72 HMCS Snowberry (Revell) by Paul Boelens
1/72 RAF Rescue Launch (Airfix) by Daniele Chiarello

12-03-2012 DKM Twin Monday
1/144 Admiral Sheer (Scratchbuilt) by Russell Clark
1/400 DKM Graf Spee (Heller) by Jan Varga
1/72 Uboat U-253 X 2 (Revell) by Mario Grima

11-03-2012 IJN Sunday
1/700 IJN Yamashiro (Aoshima) by Leo Jaudenes

10-03-2012 Scratchbuilding Saturday
Scratchbuilding the USS Salem CA-139 in 1/350 scale by Pierre Marchal

09-03-2012 Modern Friday
1/700 HMS Bristol 1982 (MT Miniatures) by Peter Fulgoney
1/350 USS Reuben James FFG-7 (Academy) by Daniele Chiarello
1/700 HMS Victorious (MT Miniatures) by Chee Wee, Sim

08-03-2012 Modern Thursday
1/700 HCMS Halifax (Resin Shipyard) by David J. Salvin
1/700 Russian Cruiser Varyag (Trumpter) by Alec Cap
1/700 SSGN B-325 Project 670 Skat (OKB Grigorov) by Vladimir Yakubov

07-03-2012 Early Warship Wednesday
1/350 Chih Yuen Chinese Protected Cruiser (Bronco) by Han-Pinn, Ong
1/200 Italian battleship Giulio Cesare by Paul Helfrich
1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Zvesda) by Phil Reeder
1/350 HMS Warspite 1938 (Academy mod) by Phil Reeder new images

06-03-2012 Super Tin Can Tuesday
1/350 USS Livermore DD-429 1942 (Dragon) by Veniamin Litvin
1/350 DKM Z-30 (Trumpeter) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/350 IJN Yukikaze (Hasegawa) by Young-ho Lee
1/700 HMS Bristol (MT Miniatures) by Chee Wee, Sim

05-03-2012 HMS Monday
1/350 HMS Prince of Wales Dec. 41 (Tamiya) by Tony Sutherland
1/110 HMS Anson 1889 (Scratchbuilt) by Roger Antrobus

One more new review for March includes:

04-03-2012 Seaplane Sunday
1/72 Martin P6M SeaMaster bomber (Anigrand) by Michael Maynard

03-03-2012 Battlecruiser Saturday
1/700 Russian Battlecruiser Izmail (Combrig) by Federico Zuiani First Submission

More new reviews for March include:

New reviews for March include:

29-02-2012 Sub Wednesday
1/350 Russian Submarine Kursk (Zvezda) by Jon Da Silva First Submission
1/400 French Submarine Surcouf (Heller) by Marcelo Albuquerque
1/144 DKM U-3504 Type XXI (Revell Germany) by Bruno Lorente

28-02-2012 Cruiser Tuesday
1/350 USS Brooklyn CL-40 (Yankee ModelWorks) by Chris Preston First Submission
1/350 IJN Tone Heavy Cruiser (Yankee ModelWorks) by Young-ho Lee
1/700 Soviet Cruiser Kalinin (Trumpeter) by Anthony Perrotta

27-02-2012 Civil Monday
1/200 RMS Mauretania (Scratchbuilt) by Franklyn Day First Submission
1/700 CMS Bremen Express (Revell) by Adam Mcleish
1/350 Antarctica Observation Ship Soya (Hasegawa) by Ryan Labieniec

1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Peter Van Buren

Building the Bireme a Roman Warship by Peter Plattner

24-02-2012 Dio Friday
1/35 Strangers in the night (Heller) by Lennart Alvhult
1/35 Light SEAL Support Craft (Dragon) by Liem Hok Gie
1/700 U-Boat Coming home (Hasegawa/Aoshima/scratchbuilt) by Dai Tsao

23-02-2012 BB Thursday
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Rob Stubbs  First Submission
1/400 DKM Admiral Graf Spee (Heller) by Bruno Lorente
1/350 DKM Scharnhorst 1942 (Dragon) by Rainer Michalek

22-02-2012 Escorts vs U-boat Wednesday
1/350 Liberty Ship Escort (Trumpeter and Tamiya) by Greg Gilardi
1/700 HMS Burdock South Atlantic 1941 by Peter Fulgoney
1/350 German U-96 Type VIIC (Revell) by Kyriakos Chatzipares

21-02-2012 IJN Tuesday
1/700 IJN Takao 1944 (Aoshima) by Richard Price
1/700 IJN Tama light cruiser (Tamiya) by Alec Cap
1/700 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Paul Helfrich

20-02-2012 USN Monday
1/350 USS Spence, December 44 (Tamiya) by Alan Purusram First Submission
1/600 USS Atlanta CL-51 (Aurora kitbash) by David Flynn
1/350 USS Nevada, BB-36 (ISW) by Robert Apfelzweig

19-02-2012 Scratchbuilt Sunday
1/150 DD-96 Jeon Buk (Scratchbuilt) by Song Jung Gun

18-02-2012 Wooden Weekend
1/20 Venitian gondola (Gilberto Penzo) by Charles Daigneault
1/72 Viking Ship (Revell) by Kostas Ornerakis

17-02-2012 AXIS Friday
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Giuseppe Venuti First Submission
1/700 RN Littorio (Trumpter) by Francesco Olivieri First Submission
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Revell) by Murat Özçelik

1/600 HMS Fearless "Operation Corporate 1982" (Airfix) by Dino Carancini
1/35 LCM3 Landing Craft (Trumpeter) by Paul Boelens First Submission
1/600 HMS Belfast (Airfix) by Bob Nandell

15-02-2012 European Wednesday
1/700 SMS Zenta Protected Cruiser (WSW) by George Pék
1/72 Polish minesweeper ORP Rybitwa (Scratchbuilt) by Marcin Wawrzynkowski First Submission
1/400 ORP 106 (Mirage) by Alec Cap

14-02-2012 IJN Tuesday
1/200 IJN Yamato (Halinski) by Kacper Duda First Submission
1/350 IJN light cruiser Nagara (Aoshima) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 IJN Heavy Cruise Suzuya (Tamiya) by René Daniel Meister

13-02-2012 Modern USN Monday
1/350 USS Briscoe DD-977 (Dragon) by Donald W. Grasmick First Submission
1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Gustavo Z. Arriaga
1/350 USS Chung-Hoon, DDG-93 (Trumpeter) by Alex Nguyen First Submission

12-02-2012 Seasick Sunday
1/400 "The Fall of Abaddon" (Heinkel Models) by Katarzyna Manikowska

11-02-2012 CV Saturday
1/400 USS Intrepid CV-11 (JSC) by Paul Helfrich
1/700 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Trumpeter) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

10-02-2012 Kriegsmarine Friday
1/350 Schlachtschiff Bismarck (Revell) by Thomas Schneider
1/700 AR-196 Float Plane (Trumpeter) by Dai Tsao
1/350 Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst (Dragon) by Dietrich Maerz First Submission

09-02-2012 HMS Thursday
1/700 HMS Vanguard (Samek) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 HMS Warspite 1938 (Academy mod) by Phil Reeder

More new reviews for February include:

More new reviews for February include: 06-02-2012

Another new review for February includes:

1/700 USS Ford FFG-54 (Revell) by Matthias Pohl

03-02-2012 Liner Friday
1/400 S.S. Exermont (Revell/scratchbuild) by Fred Koster
1/350 Hirakawamaru (Hasegawa) by Peter Van Buren

More new reviews for February include:

New reviews for February include:

31-01-2012 Modern USN Tuesday
1/350 USS Independence LCS-2 (Trumpeter) by Adam Mcleish
1/700 USS New York LPD-21 (Cyber-Hobby) by Carl Musselman

30-01-2012 First BB Monday
1/350 USS New Jersey 1945 (Tamiya) by Brant Reinhard First Ship/First Submission
1/350 Admiral Graf Spee (Trumpeter)by Jordi Minaya First Submission
1/700 RN Littorio (Trumpeter) by Francesco Oliveri First Submission

29-01-2012 Sub Sunday
1/11 Bushnell's Turtle submarine (scratchbuilt) by Maksym Bazhal

 1/700 Rurik II as in 1913 (Combrig) by Jim Baumann

27-01-2012 German Friday
1/350 Das Boot - Final Scene (Hobby Boss/GHQ/scratch) by Werner De keersmaecker
1/700 DAS BLATT wendett sich! (HP Models) by Peter Fulgoney

26-01-2012 Axis Thursday
1/400 Leipzig, Light Cruiser (HP-models) by Stein Gildberg First Submission
1/350 RN Roma Italian Battleship (Trumpeter) by Phil Reeder
1/350 IJN Furutaka (Yankee Modelworks) by Cliff Lauzon Sr.

1/350 LCM Landing Craft (L'Arsenal) by Patrick Johnston
1/350 USS Houston CA-30 (Yankee Modelworks) by Cliff Lauzon Sr.
1/700 Ships and Subs from 30 Years of Service (Various) by Robert C BondFirst Submission

Building the USS Bradley FF-1041 in 1/311 scale by Phil Toy

1/350 Russian Battleship Borodino (Zvezda) by Kyriakos Chatzipares
1/200 Ape C25, 1943 ("ZioPrudenzio" papermodel) by Marcello d'Andrea

1/350 RN Vittorio Veneto (Delphis Models) by Irving González

1/350 HMS Warspite (Academy) by Peter Van Buren

1/35 X-Craft midget submarine (scratchbuilt) by Maksym Bazhal First Submission
1/144 Schnellboot Gepard Klasse 143A by Angel Angelov and Silvia Angelova
1/144 U-24 Type 206A (Revell Germany) by Daniele Chiarello Chiarello

1/375 USS Montrose, APA-212 (Revell) by Les Foran
1/700 HMS Ocean (Orange Hobby) by David Salvin

More new reviews for January include:

1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Steve Power
1/700 IJN Submarine RO-35 (Skywave) by Bob Cicconi
1/144 U-318 (Revell) by Daniele Chiarello New Images Added

16-01-2012 BB Monday
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by Victor Prall
1/700 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Fujimi) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

1/700 HMS Astute S119 (Hobby Boss) by Peter Fulgoney

1/700 IJN Kagero 1943 (Pit-Road) by Anthony Kochevar

13-01-2012 Lucky Friday!
1/700 Refueling for the next convoy (Finewaterline & scratch) by Don McKeand
1/700 USS Medusa AR-1 (Corsiar Armada) by Jon Iverson
1/700 USCGC Tamaroa WMEC-166 (Battlefleet Models) by Carl Musselman

12-01-2012 USN Thursday
1/700 USS Port Royal CG-73 (Dragon) by Matthias Pohl
1/700 USS Lake Champlain CG-57 (Dragon) by Matthias Pohl
1/700 USS Constellation CV-64 (Fujimi) by David Salvin

11-01-2012 Civil Wednesday
1/350 RMS Lusitania (Gunze Sangyo) by Steve Power
1/100 OPDR Canarias (Scratchbuilt) by Benito de Vicente Gallardo First Submission
Please welcome new sponsor Dazzle Modelworks.

10-01-2012 SMS Tuesday
1/700 SMS Seydlitz (Combrig) by Hanchang Kuo
1/350  SMS Konig (ICM) by Capra Cristian First Submission
1/250 SMS Oldenburg (Promodel/ gremir models) by Kurt Spitler

09-01-2012 IJN Monday
1/350 IJN Nippon Maru (Aoshima) by Bernd Villhauer
1/72 Japanese Torpedo Boat PT-15 (Tamiya) by Adam Mcleish

08-01-2012 Sub Sunday
1/700 USS Gato SS-212 1944 (Hobby Boss) by Bob Cicconi

07-01-2012 Sailing into Saturday
1/90 USS Constitution (Revell) by John Lemire

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Five Star Model Ltd. and Northstar Models

1/350 HMS Kent 1903 (Combrig) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 USS Quincy CA-39 (Trumpeter) by Jose Luis Arrillaga

1/700 LPD 20 USS Green Bay (Dragon) by Bob Nandell
1/375 USS Navarro APA 215 (Revell) by Rick Heinbaugh
1/72 S-100 (Revell) by Daniele Chiarello New Images Added

04-01-2012  Tin Can Wednesday
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Brian Osterhout
1/350 Reuben James DD-245 (October 1941) by Richard Sliwka
1/200 Bditelnny D-25 (Trumpeter) by Cliff Lauzon, Sr.

More new reviews for January include:

More new reviews for January include: 01-01-2012
New reviews for January include: