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Photographs by Carl Musselman 
Saturday, November 3, 2012; Kansas City, Missouri
Best of Ships - 1/192 USS De Haven DD-727 (Tehnorart) by Richard Sliwka
Naval 1/400 and Larger:
First Place - 1/192 USS De Haven DD-727 (Tehnorart) by Richard Sliwka
Second Place - 1/48 HMS Bounty (Latina) by Bob Hiatt
Third Place - USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Trumpeter) by Hugh Palmer
Other Entries:
1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by Bob Hiatt
1/41 Virginia (Latina) by Bob Hiatt
1/350 USS Gambier Bay (Hasegawa) by Bob Hiatt
Naval 1/401 and Smaller:
First Place - 1/700 USS Glover FF-1098 (Corsair Armada) by Carl Musselman
Second Place - 1/700 Typhoon (Dragon) by Kevin Degenkolbe
Third Place - 1/200 U-Boat Type VIIC (Nichimo) by Randy Fields
(Not sure why the 1/200 U-Boat was in with this category.)
Other Entries:
1/700 USS Kearsarge LHD-3 (Revell) by Don Joy
1/720 USS Harry S. Truman CVN-75 (Revell) by Bob Hiatt
1/700 USS Vincennes CA-44 (Trumpeter) by Bob Hiatt
Out of Box - All Categories
First Place - 1/350 USS Gudgeon SS-567 (Blue Ridge Models) by Richard Sliwka
Other Nautical Themes:
Best of AMPS Sci-Fi and Hypothetical Armor - 1/72 USCGT Giuliani WMBT-911 (Italeri) by Carl Musselman
P1230860 P1230861 P1230862 P1230863 P1230864 P1230866
P1230867 P1230868 P1230869 P1230870 P1230871 P1230872
P1230873 P1230874 P1230875 P1230876 P1230877 P1230878
P1230879 P1230880 P1230881 P1230882 P1230883 P1230884
P1230885 P1230886 P1230887 P1230888 P1230889 P1230890
P1230891 P1230893 P1230894 P1230895 P1230896 P1230897
P1230898 P1230899 P1230900 P1230901 P1230902 P1230903
P1230904 P1230905 P1230906 P1230907 P1230908 P1230909
P1230910 P1230911 P1230912 P1230913 P1230914 P1230915
P1230917 P1230918 P1230919 P1230920 P1230921 P1230922
P1230923 P1230924 P1230925 P1230926 P1230955 P1230956

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