IPMS REGION 5 CONVENTION In The Movies by Carl Musselman 

Hosted by IPMS West Central Missouri Chapter. Saturday May 19, 2012 Overland Park, Kansas.

Naval Entries and Awards
Best of Ships:  1/350 USS Jaccard DE-355 (Iron Shipwrights) by Richard Sliwka
First Place: 1/350 USS Jaccard DE-355 (Iron Shipwrights) by Richard Sliwka
Second Place: 1/700 USS Virginia CGN-38 (Cyber-Hobby) by Carl Musselman
Third Place: 1/700 IJN Shinano (Tamiya) by Charlie Scardon
Honorable Mention: 1/48 HMS Bounty (Artesania Latina) by Oren Long, Jr.
Special Theme Award - "In The Movies":  1/48 HMS Bounty (Artesania Latina) by Oren Long, Jr.
Out of the Box - Third Place: 1/350 PT-109 (White Ensign Models) by Richard Sliwka
Other Naval Entries:
1/350 USS Runels DE-793 (Iron Shipwrights) by Richard Sliwka
1/350 USS Chester CA-27 (Blue Water Navy) by John Mueller
1/700 USS Sampson DDG-102 (Dragon) by Carl Musselman
1/700 IJN Zuiho (Hasegawa) by Charlie Scardon
1/350 USS Cleveland CL-55 (Yankee Modelworks) by Richard Sliwka
1/700 Typhoon (Dragon) by Kevin Degenkolbe
1/144 U-Boat XXIII "Emergency Blow" (Trumpeter) by Bernard Harris
1/700 Novgarod (Model Krak) by Charlie Scardon
1/350 D-Day Rhino Ferry (Back-Aft Models & L'Arsenal) by Carl Musselman
1/144 U-Boat XXIII (ICM) by Greg Metge
1/700 HMS Bluebell K80 (White Ensign Models) by Charlie Scardon
1/700 HMS M-1 Submarine (H-P) by Charlie Scardon
1/700 USS Brooke FFG-1 (Corsair Armada) by Carl Musselman
Dioramas - Small Base (Naval Related):
Honorable Mention:  1/350 "Vietnam River Patrol" PBR 31 MkII (L'Arsenal) by Carl Musselman
1/700 USCGC Tamaroa WMEC-166 (Battlefleet Models) by Carl Musselman
P1200503 P1200505 P1200508 P1200509 P1200510
P1200512 P1200513 P1200514 P1200515 P1200517
P1200518 P1200519 P1200520 P1200522 P1200523
P1200524 P1200525 P1200526 P1200527 P1200528
P1200530 P1200531 P1200532 P1200533 P1200534
P1200535 P1200536 P1200537 P1200538 P1200539
P1200540 P1200541 P1200542 P1200544 P1200545
P1200546 P1200547 P1200548 P1200549 P1200550
P1200551 P1200552 P1200553 P1200554 P1200555
P1200556 P1200557 P1200559 P1200560 P1200561
P1200562 P1200563 P1200564 P1200565 P1200567
P1200568 P1200579 P1200580 P1200585 P1200587
P1200588 P1200589 P1200590 P1200591 P1200593
P1200594 P1200595 P1200597 P1200601 P1200602

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