Telford 2012 UK IPMS International ScaleModelworld show 
by Jim Baumann 
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Once again the UK IPMS International ScaleModelworld show as held at the International Center at Telford in the UK. It was a good year for ship models- the Falklands anniversary bringing many scratch built models of many of the lesser known vessels from that conflict to the exhibition. One of the highlights was the Royal Navy Lynx helicopter that flew up from FAA Yeovilton especially for the show, the presence of real life 1/1 scale armour added a certain gravitas to armour models!!

Too many shipsand persons to list individually! I did not manage to photograph all the ships at the show-so apologies for any omissions…. I shall update shortly with the competition results also

I hope the photos give a flavor of what could be seen at the show.

Airfix-Daring Arizona._200 Arizona_2.00 Arizona_200 Arizona_200-
Ark-Royal-horley Ark-Royal_horley BMK--master BMK-master BMK-master_
Clyde-.Puffer Clyde-Puffer Coastal-craft-01 Coastal-craft-02 Coastal-craft-03
Coastal-craft-04 Coastal-craft-05 Coastal-craft-06 Coastal-craft-07 Don-McKeand
DonMcKeand-FWL DonMcKeand.-F.W.L DonMcKeand.-F.WL DonMcKeand.-FW.L DonMcKeand.-FWL
DonMcKeand_FWL Eric-Dyke-o1 Eric-Dyke-o2 Eric-Dyke-o3 Eric-Dyke-o4
Eric-Dyke-o5 Eric-Dyke-o6 FWL-stand Frank-spahr-brandenburg-diorma-01 Frank-spahr-brandenburg-diorma-02
Frank-spahr-brandenburg-diorma-03 Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-01 Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-02 Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-03 Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-04
Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-05 Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-06 Geoff-Taylor-HMS-Manchester-07 Guido-Hopp-01 Guido-Hopp-02
Guido-Hopp-03 Guido-Hopp-04 HMS-Cougar HMV-card-01 HMV-card-02

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