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From the opposite end of the workbench

…the twisted ramblings of a ship modeler.

Saying Goodbye - New!


Are You a Plastic Junkie?

When Did This Stop Being Fun?

Post-Apocalyptic Ship Modeling

The Dreaded Slump

Scary Mutants

You Mean I'm Not Going to Laugh??

Ask Doctor Jeff

If I had a million dollars!!

Are you a hardcore modeler?

The Golden Age of Ship Modeling

 The Hazards of Modeling

Mutants who Judge

Traveling to Model Contests

In Defense of the Realm

Spring is in the Air...DAMN!!

War Wounds

The Internet's Scourge of Modeling

All Modelers are Weird

Mutants and Women in Thongs

Ship Models, Time, and the Family

Naked Ladies and the Island of Misfit Toys