Month-Date-Year Title
12-14-2015 Scratchbuilding the Banana Destoyer MV Worden by Vladimir Yakubov
12-6-2015 Italian Seaplane cruiser Ancona as in 1929 by Jim Baumann
11-12-2015 Telford IPMS Scaleworld 2015 Show coverage by Jim Baumann 
10-23-2015 French carrier Bearn & HMS Nelson, Kings Park Heritage Museum by David Flynn
09-30-2015 1/700 USS Nimitz "Operation Southern Watch" (1997/98) by Matthias Poh
08-27-2015 USS Saipan LHA-3 Airwing and Boats in 1/700 by Douglas Conrady
08-19-2015 USS Yorktown CV-10 museum tour by Don Gras
08-15-2015 Photo Tour of the USS Missouri BB-63 in 1984 by Larry G. Hamilton
07-31-2015 IPMS USA 2015 Ship Coverage by Sean Hert
04-11-2015 Building the USS Edson DD946 from the 1/318.5 Revell kit by Phil Toy
04-05-2015 Hull Plating How-to by John M Johnsey
03-19-2015 KCCON 2015 IPMS Great Plains Contest ship coverage by Don Joy
02-9-2015 Converting the Trumpeter USS Wisconsin to a 1980ís Battlecarrier by Don Joy