Photo Tour of the USS Missouri BB-63 in 1984 
by Larry G. Hamilton 
The following are photographs I took of the U.S.S Missouri (BB-63) shortly after her arrival at Long Beach Naval Shipyard in 1984 for reactivation.  These photographs are important to the model-maker as they show this Iowa Class Battleship in her slightly modified World War II appearance.  The details on the bow quad 40 mm mounts show up especially well.
slidea-BB-63-A.jpeg slidea-BB-63-b.jpeg slidea-BB-63-c.jpeg slidea-BB-63-e.jpeg slidea-BB-63-f.jpeg
slidea-BB-63-g-1.jpeg slidea-BB-63-g.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-10.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-11.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-12.jpeg
slidea-BB-63-h-13.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-14.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-15.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-2.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-3.jpeg
slidea-BB-63-h-5.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-6.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-7.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h-8.jpeg slidea-BB-63-h.jpeg

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Updated 8/12/2015