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Combrig 1/350 Russian Armored Cruiser Rurik II (Resin kit) NEW
Ships & Co 1/700 USS Whidbey Island LSD-41 (Resin kit) NEW
Hasegawa 1/450 British Battleship HMS Vanguard (Plastic kit) re-issued
OKB Grigorov 1/700 USS Skate SSN-578 (Resin kit) NEW
OKB Grigorov 1/700 Project 670 Skat NATO Charlie I class (Resin kit) NEW
Fujimi 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku, 1944 (Plastic kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Fujimi 1/700 Premium Option Parts (PE) for IJN Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku, 1944 NEW
Hasegawa 1/700 Japanese Navy Ships Machine-Gun Ammunition Box Set NEW
Hasegawa 1/700 General Window Frame Set B NEW
Alliance Model Works 1/350 US Navy Ladders NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Flagship Models 1/192 Confederate 7" Brooke Rifle (Resin kit) NEW
L'Arsenal 1/700 LCAC Landing Craft Air Cussion (Resin kit) NEW
Gunthwaite Miniatures 1/72 Sailors in coats, third release NEW
MRC/Gallery Models 1/350 US Marines Armor Accessories NEW
Battlefleet Models 1/700 US Coast Guard Decal set NEW
LionRoar 1/700 R7004 WWII USN Barges YF390 & YF959 (resin and PE) NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
Flagship Models Building Wood Ship Models How-to CD NEW
none at this time
Newer October 2011 Reviews Older