by Timothy Dike
Alliance ModelWorks is a new company producing photo etch for modelers. The are on a roll releasing many new sets for Ship Modelers. This is their new US Navy Ladders set. 
There is a single brass fret in this set that includes ladders, ladders and more ladders. There are accommodation ladders with rigging, and retracted ones to mount up against the superstructure and often overlooked detail. Different length inclined ladders, and straight ladders are provided. The coolest item to me are the simulated rung ladders. These are bent to simulate individual rungs.
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The instructions are a single page showing the assembly of the different ladders. Pretty straightforward and all that is really needed for this set. 
This is set number #NW35016 WWII US NAVY Ladders and Accommodation Ladders for $13.00 US. A fair price for this handy set that will give you some additional detail options not found in many other sets. Check out the other sets on the Alliance ModelWorks Website.