L'Arsenal 1/700 LCAC Set

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion is the primary delivery craft to get Marine vehicles from ship to shore. These speedy little transports can carry loads as heavy as an M-1 Abrams at speeds up to 40 knots right up onto the beach. Powered by four gas turbine engines that provide both lift and thrust. With over 90 built these units can be operated in the Navy's Amphibious ships such as LHA, LHD, LSD and LPDs.

I had included a mini review of this craft in my review of the L'Arsenal USS New York but thought modelers should know that they can get a pair of these for their other Amphibious ships. 
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The main hull is cast with with much of the superstructure and the skirt in one piece. The casting is sharp and clean and the detail is very good. Cab windows, and ladder rungs are cast on the surface. the skirt is shown inflated but if you wish to show the LCAC at rest you could sand it down for a flatter look. 
The engines and propeller shroud are cast separately. The exhaust nozzles are well cast and finely detailed. 
Decals are sharply rendered and include warning stripes in yellow and red. Hull numbers are included from 1 to 0 along with US Navy and Flags. 
The grills for the fan shrouds and rudder slats are included on the photo etch fret. Individual blades, and railings and other details will really enhance the detailing options. 
The instructions are two pages very well drawn and show where everything goes. They feature the CAD images of the 3D model and highlight the parts in color. 
So far this is the best 700 scale LCAC I have seen. They make great companions to your Amphibs or as a stand alone model. 

This is set #AC 700 46  LCAC ( Landing Craft Air Cushion ) x 2  L'Arsenal  1/700  Available  12,95 €  or  $15.00 US. They are available from either L'Arsenal or L'Arsenal USA now. 

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