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Midship Models 1/700 USS Stack DD-406 Benham Class DD (Plastic kit) NEW
Classic Warships 1/350 USS Ward DD-139 (Resin Kit)
Regia Marina 1/700 Italian WW2 Destroyer Sauro (Resin kit) NEW
Yankee Modelworks 1/350 USS South Dakota BB-57 (Resin kit)
Loose Cannon Productions 1/700 Landing Craft (Resin kits)
  • LCI(L) US Version
  • LCI(L) UK Version
  • LCI(L) Centerline Ramp Version
Trumpeter 1/72 LCM(3) Landing Craft (Plastic kit) NEW
Trumpeter 1/350 Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft carrying cruiser (Plastic kit) NEW
Combrig 1/700 New Orleans Class Heavy Cruisers (Resin kits) NEW
  • USS Astoria CA-34
  • USS Minneapolis CA-36
Photo Etch Reviews
None at this time
Miscellaneous Accessories
J&D Productions 1/96 3" 50 Cal Twin gun mount (Metal kit)
Book Reviews
Snyder and Short Italian Navy WW2 Ship Colors (Paint chip set)
Squadron US Flush Deck Destroyers in Action
Squadron WWII US Landing Craft in Action
Newer December 2004 Reviews Older