Squadron Signal Publications
WWII US Landing Craft in Action
Warship #17

By Al Adcock
color by Don Greer, illustrated by David Gebbardt and Darren Glenn
Squadron Signal publications has added another book to their In Action series for the modeler. This one covers the various types of US landing craft used in the second world war, Everything from the LCP's to the big LST's are covered as well as some of the conversions that were based on them.
As with their other book, this one begins with and overview of their design and development. A history of the destroyer is told in word and pictures showing the early types that led up to these classes. There are chapters devoted to each  class with photo's and line drawings that illustrate the main differences in the various types. 

The photo's give a general idea of what the types of landing craft were like with a variety of photo's that show them in all types of situations.

My favorite feature is the centerfold with the color drawings of the destroyers in plan and elevation. Don Greer has done a nice job in showing the ships in their camouflage colors.

There are over 110  photos and about 30 illustrations in this 49 page 8-1/4" x 11" soft cover book. With a retail price of $9.95 it is a good value for the modeler who needs an overall reference for their amphibious fleet. This book would be helpful if you are building any of the Loose Cannon Landing craft or the old Skywave LST's. 

You can find the Squadron Signal "In Action" books in any well stocked hobby shop or direct from Squadron Mail Order.

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