Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Ward was a member of the Wickes Class. These flush deck destroyers were an improved Caldwell class with more speed and better stability. Easily distinguished by their four funnels and long flush deck these ships were state of the art at the end of WW1 when they were first built, but rather dated by the second world war. Never the less they continued to see service as destroyers were in short supply. The USS Ward was stationed at Pearl Harbor when war broke out and is known for firing the opening shots of the war. The Ward was operating off the mouth of the harbor when it spotted a Japanese Midget sub trying to enter the harbor. The Ward took it under fire and after charging past the number three mount scored a direct hit right through the conning tower. The sub was then depth charged and sunk. 
This kit is cast as a full hull version. The hull is nicely cast with a long resin runner along the keel. With the exception of a small void on one of the bilge keels there were no defects on this casting.
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The majority of the superstructure is cast onto the hull, so assembly should go quickly. The few platforms and bridge parts that are included are cast on separate runners. The bridge is open so you can even detail the interior if you so desire. A resin mast is included with the proper taper but I would use this as template for a brass one if you plan on adding rigging. 
White metal parts good to fair depending on the part. Some have a bit of flash that will need to be removed while other parts are crisp and clean.
A Japanese Midget sub is included with the kit to display alongside your ship. It is a simple one piece casting with a couple brass photo etch parts to finish it off. 
An extensive photo etch set is included with all the railings and fittings needed to finish this kit. The railings are custom fitted to the kit. There are even details for the ships boats. This set is not as nice as some of the aftermarket sets now produced, but is nice enough that I wouldn't consider replacing it.
A nice decal sheet is included with flags and large and small hull numbers.
The instructions are an eleven page booklet that shows the building process in a series of sub assemblies. There are several plan and elevation views that show the ship in pretty good detail. One nice touch is the rigging detail that is shown from several directions.
Nicely cast and well detailed, everything you need to build this ship is included, with the exception of paint and rigging. This kit is available exclusively for $105.00 from Pacific Front Hobbies