1/350 Gold Plus
Essex Extra Details Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
If you are building the Trumpeter Essex, you probably already have the Gold Medal Models Fitting set. This set takes over in the super detailing options where that one left off. For the modeler so inclined, there are new catwalks to mount around the flightdeck for an effect that will really enhance your Essex Class Carrier.
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The fret is relief etched to help define the details. To me the new catwalks are the highlight of this set. The suspended catwalks are very finely etched and will really make your CV stand out in a crowd. There are short hull and long hull parts to work with the existing Trumpeter Essex and planned future releases of the Trumpeter Essex Class.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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The Flight deck catwalks employ a nice technique to achieve a real 3D look beyond what relief etching will do. Braces are folded over with the catwalk to give the underside bracing thicker appearance. This technique is also used on the Dual 5" gun platform extensions and some other parts. For the real glutton for punishment the bridge wind defectors will keep you busy but if done correctly will give otherwise flat detailing a most realistic appearance. 
The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show enough detail view to leave little doubt as to where everything goes. A large plan view further details the arresting gear and barrier support locations. 

Some of the parts are those found in some dedicated sets such as the 20 mm and 40 mm details. A nice touch is the template for forming the 40 mm quad shields.

Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • Whaleboat Details (cradle, rails and rudders)
  • 20 mm Oerlikon Gun Details (Shield, sights, elevation wheel, and shoulder rest)
  • Boat Cranes
  • 40 mm Quad Bofors Gun Details (shield, sights, and early and late style railings)
  • 5" 38 cal Gun Rails
  • LSO Platform and Windshield
  • Bridge Wind Deflectors
  • Accommodation Ladders
  • 1MC Loudspeakers
  • Mast Braces and Platforms
  • Flight Deck Gallery and Walkway Platforms (bow)
  • Flight Deck Gallery Walkways (stern)
  • Flight Deck Catwalks
  • Arresting Gear Sheaves and Barrier Wires

This set is a supplement to the Essex Class fittings set #350-22. It gives you the extra parts to take your ship to the next dimension. I don't recommend this set for the beginner, but anyone who has done a little scratch building will really appreciate the fine parts included in this set. This set retails for $40.00 and is worth every penny.

Also available is the 1/350 WW2 U.S. Navy Aircraft Details PE set (350-26) and the 1/350 scale WW2 USN Aircraft Decal set (No. 350-6D.) 

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