1/350 WW2 USN Carrier Aircraft Details
Photo Etch set by Gold Medal Models
OK you have your Hornet Photo etch sets. Now what are you going to do about the aircraft? Here's your answer, a photo etch set with enough parts to do about 79 aircraft. This set has Propellers, Landing Gear, Radio Antennas, and Tail Hooks for a wide variety of US Navy aircraft from the old TBD Devastator to the F4U Corsair. Many of these detail parts will work on other aircraft as well, but they are custom tailored for the aircraft listed below. The fret is relief etched with clearly visible landing gear details that look so much better than their plastic counterparts that your air wing will really stand out.
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Parts for the following aircraft are included on the fret:
  • F4F (9)
  • SBD (10)
  • F6F (10)
  • TBF (10)
  • TBD (10)
  • F4U (10 and 10 late war propellers)
  • SB2C (10)
My sample had no separate instructions, basic notes are etched right on the fret or refer to the instructions in the Hornet Fittings set.

Also available from Gold Medal Models for the Hornet are the:


While this set is made for the new Trumpeter Hornet, it will work with any 1/350 USN WW2 carriers. Anyone with a little photoetch experience should be able to tackle this set.  If your going to add photo etch details to your ship don't overlook the aircraft.

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