1/350 Gold Plus
Hornet Extra Detail Set
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
If you are building the Trumpeter Hornet, you probably already have the Gold Medal Models Fitting set. This set takes over in the super detailing options where that one left off. For the modeler so inclined, there are new catwalks to replace the heavy molded ones in the kit. Unlike the plastic parts, these have perforated see through sections that have a real scale appearance. 
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The fret is relief etched to help define the details. All new catwalks are the highlight of this set. Most carriers used a perforated catwalk to provide access to the gun tubs and stations ringing the flight deck and these certainly have a more to-scale appearance. These parts are designed to work in conjunction with the plastic splinter shields and gun tubs of the kit. I might suggest an alternative to using the plastic parts, and that is to fabricate new shields from brass strip. You can also use the brass that is left over from the fret if you have some shears to cut it.
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The catwalks have rails attached to them where there is no splinter shield or gun tub, a nice touch that will save you a lot of work. The funnel catwalks are also etched with the railing attached. All you have to do is roll the corners and join them to the folded up sides. If you really want to go crazy on your flight deck then there are many parts to help you out. A full set of arresting gear sheaves will give the modeler something to fret over for many hours. These are etched as two discs that are designed to fold over the arresting wire. Barrier wire supports can be done in the raised or lowered position. Another nice addition to this set is the boat cradles, and chocks to properly mount the life boats and motor launches. The flight deck windbreaks are really nice but if you mount yours in the up position you might want to plan a few extra hours to attach all the included braces.
The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show enough detail view to leave little doubt as to where everything goes. A large plan view further details the arresting gear and barrier support locations. 
Note: This reveiwed set is a sample of the very first test piece so it has several flaws in the way the fold lines on the railings aren't etched all the way clear. This makes the rails harder to fold upright on their catwalks. All of these problems have already been corrected and the revised software is on its way back to the etchers now. This set is scheduled for release in mid February.
Included in the set:click to go to Gold Medal Models website
  • Life raft net bottoms
  • RDF direction finder antennas
  • Boat supports, braces, and chocks
  • LSO platform, bracing, and windscreen
  • Accommodation ladders
  • Flight deck windbreaks
  • Arresting gear sheaves and barrier wires
  • Catwalks and railings

This set is a supplement to the Hornet fittings set #350-21. It gives you the extra parts to take your ship to the next dimension. I don't recommend this set for the beginner, but anyone who has done a little scratch building will really appreciate the fine parts included in this set.

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